Monday, January 21, 2008

Sorry We Don't Lodge Rabbit

Piangz eh..that's the response I get while calling all the pet lodging. I'm going away for CNY (as usual) and was looking for a pet hotel to house my baby when I'm away. Every year around CNY I'll have a big headache when finding pet lodging. Apparently not many pet hotels in SG houses rabbits. Cats and dogs no problem. Rabbits? Sorry no. I tried calling Pet Movers, the lodging that Cinnamon was boarded at last year. When I asked if they do rabbit lodging, the guy gave me a curt reply,"No."

Sigh. I searched for more than 30min, even went to the extent of joining a pet forum to find out where I can lodge my rabbit. I called The Pet Hotel and the guy was very nice. He told me that they don't house rabbits cause there are alot of dogs and cats and other animals there. My rabbit might be stressed cause she is not used to other animals. Beinig a pet owner, I know it is not good to stress a rabbit cause it might just die due to stress.

I called Ericsson Pet Farm and the owner was lagi better. He told me that he can house my rabbit!! So happy! That was before I told him it's during the CNY period. He says it's gonna be an extra charge of $10/day, which will amount to $24/day. And I'll be away from 02/05 - 02/11!! Which means I need to bring Cinnamon on 02/04 - 02/12. 8 days hor. He says he'll charge me $20 lah..but then no grooming or whatever..have to provide my own rabbit food and cage...although Cinnamon sleeping in aircon room, she'll be with the cats... -_-"

And then....I surfed the forums again and again...and finally....I'VE FOUND IT!! This pet shop at French Road (Kitchener Complex) does rabbit lodging!! YEAH! And the price is $8/day! No extra charges during CNY!! And I can no need provide my cage/food! And guess what? Free basic grooming (powder bath, trimming of nails and cleaning of paw pad) since I'm lodging for a week! Shiok lehz!! Less than $100 for everything! The shop name very cute. It's called The Little Pet Shop. Although they do not have their own website, but seriously, maybe I'll drop by this weekend and have a look at their shop. But shouldn't be a problem cause Michelle (the girl who answered my call) informed me that there will be another 4 more rabbits being lodged during the same period. LoL. If they sucks, don't think will have so many people wanting to put their babies there. Hmmz..maybe can put Cinnamon there in May if I go Japan...shiok!! In case anyone wants their contact, please leave a comment ok? So happy now! Not so headache le!!

Won't worry that someone will "accidentally" buy my rabbit, cause she's too fat and big sized! But she's damn cute..and pretty...haha......just like the owner! =P

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Mr Tan =P said...

Quote frm the BANG: "But she's damn cute..and pretty...haha......just like the owner! =P"
tot this sounds better ->>> "she's too fat and big sized...haha......just like the owner! =P! "