Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dedication for BF

This is just a dedication for my poor bf, who is always scolded by me. LoL. No..this does not mean that I'll stop nagging and scolding you. =P

I Love You :-
- For the kisses before we go to bed
- For the cup of water before I go bed
- For the kisses when I'm awake
- For holding my hands tight at night so I won't scratch myself
- For letting me take the whole blanket at night while you shiver in cold, so that I will be warm
- For watching the movies that I wana watch (even though you don't like it)
- For lending me the ear to complain about work
- For changing my bedsheets
- For sleeping over every Sat so I won't feel so lonely
- For letting me bite you when I'm angry
- For teaching me things when I ask
- For NOT teaching me when I didn't ask
- For calling me every morning when I'm walking to work
- For talking to me every evening when I'm walking home
- For calling me every night when you're walking to work
- For tolerating my nonsense
- For being so nice to my parents
- For making me laugh
- For making me angry (it shows I still care)
- For making me jealous (it shows I still love you)
- For not killing me when playing DoTA
- For letting me kill you during DoTA
- For buying me a pet in Maple Story
- For dragging me away in shopping centres so I won't spend my money
- For smoking with me and buying me ciggies now and then (tsk tsk)
- For your direct comments (although sometimes it really hurts)
- For your broad shoulders which I can lie on
- For your sweet smile that melts me away
- For feeding my rabbit and playing with her (isn't it time you change her bedding? =P)
- For talking to me even when you're tired
- For making an effor in this relationship (doesn't mean you can slack ok!!)

Last but not least...
I love you, Feng, for loving me


Anonymous_X said...
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Anonymous said...

It is good your are being grateful. You should be spanked for treating him the way you do at times.

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Xueyu said...

he's grateful too...grateful whenever i don't make him angry..keke

themuxicbox said...

How sweet of that ;D some people just take the relationship for granted but every little thing in a relationship should be remembered and cherished ;D You be glad there is someone to make u angry and he should be grateful too ~