Friday, February 1, 2008

Garskin - Skin for My Lappie

You remember the last time that I mentioned I bought something at Comex 2007? I finally got to use it. *Finally*. But I'm kinda regretting the choice I made. In case you do not understand what I'm talking about, I bought a skin for my Compaq laptop months ago. So the other day, I actually looked for my card from Garskin HP and logged into their website using the password on the card. I was spoilt for choices. And I chose this:

Looked very plain hor? Aiyah...forget it. Already ordered le. At most buy another skin lor! Muahahaha. It's only like..$30+? Can afford a laptop cannot afford the skin meh? Right? Actually I didn't see their Christmas designs. Who said Xmas design is only for xmas? I liked the snowflakes pattern...sigh...sua lah, shall see when my skin arrives. Oh yah, did I mention that this is a very simple procedure?

1. First, buy the card from IT shows. (Or...I don't know..I bought mine at Comex. =P)
2. Choose the design you want, choose your laptop model and enter the ID on the card and click Next.
3. Complete your information (name, address and email add etc)
4. TADAH!! Your order is complete. Skin will be sent to you within 10 - 14 days.

If you're afraid that the laptop will be stick when you remove the skin, no worries. It won't. And you can remove up to 5 times before the skin loses its adhesiveness. Keke. I can't wait for mine to arrive so I can finally personalise my laptop!! I'm going to use a white marker to draw my name...keke. Oh well...Garskin provides skin for desktop, laptops, iPods and PSPs as well. Go have a look ya?

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