Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Officially Bankrupt

I'm officially bankrupt lah!! ARGH!! Over the weekend I went out to buy CNY clothings. Supposed to go with Huiling, but she can't make it in the morning, so I went out shoppinig with Feng in the afternoon on Sat. Left my house at about 4pm and went directly to OG (Bugis) to search for clothes. Mom lent me her OG member card, which entitles me to 10% discount unless otherwise stated. YEAH!! Was so happy that I'm finally going to buy my clothes. First thing I bought when I'm there is a couple of bra. 2 for $49.90 lehz! Triumph lehz!! Kaoz. Must buy man.

Next, went to Giordano. 30% off!!! Bought 2 tops and a belt. Feng bought berms. After discount, $60+. OK lah...not bad for 2 tops and a belt.

Went 2nd level and tried on a couple of clothes for tonight's wedding dinner. (Congrats Meixia jiejie!). Finally decided on a pair of pants with satin belt. $79. While looking for top, I saw a jacket (not really a jacket also lehz, just a top which they forgot to cut a hole for the described by my dad), and decided to buy that cause it's red. Keke. Total damage at Arthur Yen's section (including pants), $101, AFTER DISCOUNT.

Went over to the undies section and bought underwear...3 for $13.50!! Cheap cheap!! Then Feng was grumbling that he was hungry (he said he started grumbling at 6+pm) and I finally relented and we went to have dinner at 7+pm at Sim Lim Square.

After dinner, I suggest going to Vivo, cause I need to get dresses. But while driving there, I saw the massive traffic jam, so I did a U-turn and headed for Tampines. Reached TM at 9pm, so I went over to Levi's Lady's to purchase my jeans while Feng went to Isetan to get something. As usual, never see price tag, so when she asked for my card, I was shocked to hear that the stupid pair of jeans cost $139 AFTER 20% DISCOUNT. WTF. LL lor, pay lor. Next I went happily to G2000 and bought a red top. Yeah! My clothes for tonight's wedding is complete! I think...LoL.

Feng saw the amount of paper/plastic bags I had and he almost fainted. Wait!! My shopping isn't over yet!! Went to TM on Sunday, cause dad wanted to get a new phone and bluetooth headset. While he was waiting to be served, I went over to Charles & Keith and bought a pair of heels! Long time no wear heels le, I missed wearing heels! When I tried on the shoes, I almost forgot how to walk in heels!! LoL. Last time before my knee started to hurt, I'd wear 2 - 3 inches high heels to work. Which is like insane. Cause I need to walk to work. And climb those stupid stairs/bridge. But then yesterday, I bought a 3" high heels! Keke! And I'm gonna wear it tonight!! Yeah!! And then I bought myself a pair of earrings. Been wanting to buy for a very long time, but keep pushing away cause *cough* thoughtsomeonewouldbuyitforme *cough*. =]

Yesterday I took out all my receipts that I've "collected" over the weekend and calculated the total damages done. $446!!! Piangz...and I need to give ang pao tonight...which is a total of....*faint* My bank is dry as of now. Argh!!! I'm bankrupt!!!! And...and...I still wana buy handbags! (Feng says I don't need cause I've not one, but TWO Braun Buffel bags waiting to be used) Hmmz...don't think I need anything more ba...or should I get 1 or 2 skirts/dress? ARGH!! Cannot shop anymore le lah..........*cry*

Believe me. I'm not one woman that love to shop for clothes. I shop for clothes ONLY when I have to. Like CNY and Christmas. Other than that...I rather spend my money on food and my ciggies...but then...twice a year is enough to kill me!! *Crys* Think I better get a can and go beg for money le... =P


Anonymous said...

You spend so much no wonder bankrupt. =)

xinyun said...

aiyo, i thought something super major happen... like that i bankrupt dunno how many thousand times liao :P

nvm girl, try to not spend these few days and look on the bright side, next week is CNY liao!

Xueyu said...

Xinyun: Me bankrupt le...*sob* CNY still must give parents ang pao...*pocket empty liaoz*

xinyun said...

*sayang xy82*