Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Michelle & Darius Wedding

Yesterday was Mixi's wedding dinner. So after work, I hurried home and prepared myself for the dinner. So sway yesterday got pimple outbreak!! Went home and bathed, and waited for my dad to come back so he could drive me there. I didn't want to drive because 1: I don't know how to go Swissotel Merchant Court and 2: I can't drink if I'm driving...at least my friends won't let me drink. =P

Asked mom to take my picture before going out. Damn I look fat lor!! Sianz. I left house at 715pm and told my dad that I'm late. I reached around 740 - 745pm. Guess what? I was early. One of my poly mate - cum - secondary school classmate, Peifen (Pefe), was there already so I went over to talk to her. Silly me lost my wedding invitation card, and I just blindly followed the nicely dressed people. Haha! We went into the banquet hall about 8pm. Xiujun (Zz) and Jasca came later, about 810 - 815pm. Since it was still damn early (the banquet hall not even 1/3 filled), we decided to go out and take photo with the bride and the jie meis.

THIS ISH THE BRIDE. She slimmed down so much till I almost couldn't recognise her! Kaoz. Think I should start going out with them to gatherings. LoL. =X

From left to right: Me, Jasca, Michelle, Xiujun, Peifen.
We were laughing at the photographer lor. He's damn funny. Haha! We are the early birds for table 17. Table 17 consists of Michelle's TP friends and Secondary school friends. Apparently her close friends that is. Michelle was from IT/ICP, my classmate when I first stepped into TP in 1999. Wow...9 years le.

Jac and Weiqi (Wiki), helping with the reception. Jac, when having baby huh? And Wiki, when is your turn to get married? LoL

Us girls from TP IT/ICP 99'.
Back: Me, Peifen, Xiujun, Xiuli
Front: Jasca, Jac, Weiqi

The table layout...looks nice isn't it? Sadly the door gift only got 5 per table. Eh it's a note pad shaped like a man in tux. Xiujun told me to take home since she didn't want it and has no use for it. Too bad I forgot to bring home.

This ish the menu. Looks nice? LoL. OK...bacak to serious stuff. When hearing the name, Swissotel, one would think of at least a 4 star to 5 star hotel. But the red wine sucks. It's tasteless! But I still had 3 glasses. =P And the menu is really what you see is what you get. Cold dish was bak kua, some egg thing, spring roll, small sotong and prawn salad. The shark fin is only 1 bowl per pax. No extra. =[ Think the best dish was the chicken le. For someone like me who loves fish, I don't think it's very nice. The fish was cut in a messy way, and it doesn't really taste nice.

See these 2 kids? Sorry if they're blur, but it was taken all the way from my table, which is near to the entrance. These 2 kids are the niece and nephew of Michelle. And they were our emcee for the night. The nephew speaks in English and the niece in Chinese. Damn cute. Wana kidnap them.

First march in. Leading the way are the emcees, followed by the bride, Michelle, and the groom, Darius.

Everyone near the aisle were told to throw rose petals at the newly wed. Just look at her train..full of petals. LoL.

The cold dish as I mentioned. Bak kua anyone?

Girls from table 17. 9 females and 1 male. The male, of course, is Jac's husband, who is helping us take photo. Thank you!

2nd and final march in. When I saw this dress I was like...cool. Seldom do you see a bride wearing black/grey for the night gown. When I told Feng I want to wear a black nightgown for my wedding dinner, he told me not nice, told me to choose red instead. So traditional and boring!! Sianz.

These are all taken from my table, which is like 4 tables away from the stage. Really doing my best. Anyway the cork shot up to the ceiling. LoL. Heng never hit our table. Haha!

The service sucks so much over at the hotel until the bride has to chase the waitress to serve our food! Apparently the front row had finished their 6th dish and since our table was at the back, our 5th dish was just served not long ago. -_-"
Oh yah, did I mention that there was an interval of 20 - 25min between each dish? And did I mention that it took the waitress 30 min to get me a glass of orange juice? And Xiujun's sprite took 40min. And that they cleared my plate without asking me if I still wanted to continue eating? Haha. Nice work guys. Real nice. I know I fat, also no need like that de.

Michelle's secondary school friends from another table, came over and decided to sabo the newly weds. I swear, this has nothing to do with the Miss-s of table 17!! This is all the Mrs-s idea!! Under each cup/bowl is a dish. They actually wanted to make the groom drink, but then his face too red le, so decided to play with the food. And they say we shouldn't play with food...tsk tsk.

Apparently they have to take a bite off the chicken drumstick without using hand together. The newly weds are very on though. *Claps claps*

By 1120pm, we were queueing up to wish the newly weds 早生贵子,子孙满堂,白头到老,百年好和。Oh...I didn't. I told Darius to look after Michelle properly, and told Michelle to grab hold of him tight tight. =X

And did I mention that someone asked for my phone number? Haha! A guy sitting at another table. He approached me and said he had seen me somewhere outside and asked for my number. LoL. Don't be mistaken lah. It's just Kenny See, my ex-lecture mate from IT/ICP. Haha! It's someone I know lah! Keke...but silly Weiqi they all keep teasing me, telling me to go for Kenny since he is rich and he asked for my number only. -_-"

Reached home around 12am, and by the time I finished bathing, it was late. Damn late. Slept at around 1+am last night. So I'm damn shagged out. Really shagged out. Think tonight don't eat dinner le. Have to slim down and prepare for Erin's wedding next month...Swissotel The Stamford. We shall see if the service sucks as much as the Swissotel Merchant Court. But then, Michelle and Darius, thanks for sharing your joy with us! May you be blissful and be forever loving.

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