Monday, January 21, 2008

Lack of Updates

Sorry for late of updates. Just don't have anything to blog I guess. And I'm trying to...well..duno. LoL. My company had shortened the CNY closure, which means I have more leave to clear in May when I go Japan. Oh yah, did I mention that I might be going Japan for holiday? Hokkaido here I come....

Anyway recently moody, get irritated easily. And as for my relationship, let's just say I'd put it on hold first, cause I seriously don't think it's workable. LoL. Just let me sort out my thoughts k?

Oh yah, went to play dota last Fri, and then went to find Thomas. After chatting, we played MJ. Poor Terence didn't win a single round. He lost the most. I only lost $3. And we were playing ½ round only. The bet was 20 cents/40 cents. Kelianz.

Sat went over to Vivo to search for blue dress (thanks huh Rin, give me such a color!). Damn difficult to find lor! Went Nicchi and bought a dress to wear for Rin's tea ceremony in Feb. LoL. I'm going broke le lah. Next Mon is Mixi's wedding, next month is Rin's. Sep is Vera. Kaoz.

Don't ask me when I'm getting married, cause I've yet to find the right guy. Seriously. Just let me sort out my thoughts and if my relationship doesn't work out...well, I'll be on the market again, searching for a potential Mr Right....

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