Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Facebook Battle Stations Reset

This morning I decided to play Battle Stations on Facebook. And I was greeted with this:

ARGH!! Who took away my ship!! Who took away my weapons!! And who took away my parts!! Am I being hacked? (I was too agitated to see my ores and stuff) I surfed around and almost wanted to email the admin, thinking that I was being hacked. But then again, who so boh liao to hack mine? I'm not rich and I don't have nice parts!! I went to my hanger to check if my stuff are still there..

ARGH!! Everything's not equipped!! (I equipped my hull back) And my ship is back to zero!!! ARGH!!!!!! This is so not happening to me!! I'm like saded early in the morning lor! Especially since my boss had flew to our China plant, meaning I have 1 week of peace. LoL. Today should be a brand new start for me!! Why this?! Went back to the first page and saw that they are doing upgrade. *Phew*

This is like so lame. Why need to take away my ship? So evil!!! Although my ship sucks, also no need like that mah!!

OK they had returned everything I had spent on my ship. That's so much better. Went on to to complain, and realised that I have to re-buy my ship. -_-" Now I can play my battle stations liaoz. Me go play le..have to buy my ships first. To all concerned players, please read the forum here.


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