Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bak Kua Blues

With CNY coming, I had to buy something for Feng's parents. Since I was around Chinatown, I decided to buy bak kua for his parents (and anyway he told me to buy bak kua). Just last week I went to BCH (美珍香) at TM and realised there was no queue. So stupid me thought Chinatown, the one I always go to will have no queue also. Cause apparently, the famous one in Chinatown, LCG, has no queue this year. So I thought, since the one I frequent isn't as famous as LCG, should not have a queue. Boy was I wrong.

This is the time I started joining the queue. In case you don't know how to read my watch, it's 1:30pm. Mom and dad went shopping and left me queueing alone. There was a couple behind me that queued for about 30min and left. I overheard the guy telling his gf to go, cause very long queue, don't know what time can finish..can chope the position with tissue and go shopping instead? LoL.

This is the amount of people infront of me. The queue extends to outside of the Chinatown hawker centre and back in again. That's the brand of the bak kua. Jin Hua Yuan. An auntie infront of me asked me to help her look after her position while she go eat lunch. I was left alone for another 30min standing in TWO positions. And when she came back..I hadn't moved at all....

Know what they looking at? Or rather...what we were all looking at? Free entertainment.....

HIM! He set up his stall, facing the hawker centre. He's damn funny. He told us he had been there for a week, and nobody give a damn about him and he's so bored talking to himself. Heng that day we have to queue up for bak kua and he finally has an audience to hear him talk. LoL. He was selling the peeler, which can peel, slice and carve. It caught MY attention. Nice tools.

Look at this sign and you'll know how sought after this bak kua is. Really nice. 3KGS and dad came after I queued for an hour and mom took over me. She told me to go shopping with dad. I didn't want to..rather go shopping with mom, but dad tempted me by saying that he'll pay for anything I buy...hmmz..

Bought this polo tee from Surfer's Paradise..2nd piece at 50% off! So I bought the pink tee and a white well as this skirt an another pair of shorts. the end I paid for everything. Told my dad that I'm working le, can pay for my own stuff. ^_^ PIANGZ!! I'd spent $500+ on clothes for CNY!! -_-"

Went back and "changed shift" with mom at about 3:30pm. Bought some food for myself since I didn't have lunch. Sat down and had my lunch while mom gossiped with the aunties infront of us. Then the auntie behind us needed to go toilet and told me to "look after" her place. OK no probs! ^_^

Know why queue so long? Cause only got 2 people bbq-ing the bak kua!! -_-""""

Still got so many people infront of me...kaoz...leg also pain liaoz. Mom and dad went shopping again. I was there take pictures lor. Should have bought a storybook to read instead. Sigh.

415pm le! Yeah!! I finally passed the 1st pillar and is getting closer to the 2nd pillar!! OK I was really really bored.

See these people sitting down? Most of them are queueing for their bak kuas. Apparently everyone is very polite and has a system. You remember the person infront of you. If they move to a seat nearby, it means they're tired. You DO NOT take over their place. You just silently move up and when they aren't so tired, you "return" their place to them.

Did I mention it was raining as well? What a way to add on to my misery. =P Ok ok..not really misery. But it was really my first time queueing for such a long time. I DO NOT have patience for such stuff. *Sigh* The things you do for love...LoL

Know who benefit the most from this queue? This stall which is next to the bak kua stall. Cause the bak kua stall bought cartons of mineral water from them to distribute to us (so sweet!) so that we won't dehydrate. And since everyone will get tired, they'll order drinks and/or desserts to eat while waiting. Best thing is...THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PERSPIRE TO SELL THEIR STUFF UNLIKE THE BAK KUA PPL! Gosh..

Mom and dad came back and was happy to see me getting closer to the first pillar. And they ordered bo bo cha cha without asking me if I want it!! Sob. They seemed to be enjoying themselves don't you think?

450pm!! Kaoz. And I'm FINALLY at the pillar!! Yeah!! At this point, mom and dad went to the pasar malam. Leaving me alone...again. Sigh. Bitter life man..

Oh did I mention that this lady is the only person doing the packing of the bak kuas and she is the cashier as well? And she's pretty and has a great figure! Can't stop drooling at her...keke

455pm le...leg very very tired. I was bored and started bouncing and talking to the aunties infront of me and behind me. They were all complaining that this one so long..blah blah blah...现烤现卖 one hor..don't play play.

After the bak kuas are bring BBQ-ed..they get to cool down with 3 fans blowing at them. So their system goes like this:
2 people bbq-ing
1 person to bring in, spread out and cool the bak kuas and bring it over to the next station
2 people cute the blackened parts off
1 pretty babe to take order, measure weight of bak kua, pack, bring out and collect money.

530pm. I finally got what I wanted. 3 packets of bak kua, 1KG each. 1KG for Feng's parents and 2KG for my family! Keke. Actually 1KG for my family and 1KG for visitors during the CNY. Yeah!! Oh..their price was $46/KG. And I stink like bak kua all the way home...

4 hours of wait for this. It's worth it de. Brought it over to Feng's house on Sat, together with a packet of cereal cookies and green tea cookies. Told his mom that I'm going back Msia, so better give them first. It's worth it to see his mom happy when she received the bak kua. And it's nice the Feng appreciated what I'd gone through to do's all worth it! It's even more worth it when I opened my packet of bak kua today and savour my sweat and time...

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