Monday, February 4, 2008

I Missed Her

This morning I woke up to prepare for work. Then I looked into my rabbit's cage as usual. I didn't see my baby. Then I realised that she's not at home. I had sent her to a pet shop. No worries, I'm not selling my pet. Just lodging her there. As I mentioned earlier, I had lodged her at a pet shop at Kitchener Complex.

I had went to buy Cinnamon a carrier on Saturday night, so I will be able to bring her to the shop on Sunday. Had to coax her into the carrier, which she readily jumped in. But whenever I'm about to close the carrier door, she jumps out. -_-" In the end tricked her to jump in and closed the carrier without her jumping out.

She's damn frightened by the thought of her "house" moving. And angry too! She started tearing the newspaper I had laid on the bottom of the cage. And started scratching and biting the carrier. *Heartbroken*

Finally left the house close to 3pm. She's not light lor!!! I got tired from carrying her!! Faint..In the lift she kept shivering. A sign of fear.

I tied her carrier on the middle seat so I can talk to her while driving...and I can just turn around to check on her. She calmed down a little in the car and almost fell asleep. Maybe due to the aircon which was blowing at her? Hmmz...

Feng trying to coax her and calm her down. She wouldn't stop shivering when we carried the carrier.

My darling baby..crouching in her corner...sigh....

At the pet shop, I explained Cinnamon's temper to Michelle, the shop owner. She was very brave and pulled Cinnamon out of her carrier. She touched Cinnamon all around and told me a few things about her. She said Cinnamon has mites (WTF!), therefore her neck area has no fur, cause the mites had bitten off away. And her skin is very dry. And she's not fat, but maybe her stomach has alot of gas. And that it's better I go bring her to the vet for them to diagnose. Better not to delay, cause that's what killed her (Michelle) first rabbit.

Really sweating by the time I hear that. We let her run around the shop and silly Cinnamon started marking territory. Michelle was very nice about it. It seems that Michelle can handle my rabbit better than me. =[

In case you're wondering, my baby will be sleeping with 5 other rabbits. I didn't have to bring my cage down. I even saw a hamster and a guinea pig being lodged there, as well as a dog. The shop is called The Little Pet Shop. It's at Blk 809, Kitchener Complex, French Road, #01-154. It's opposite ICA. It's a small little cosy shop. I went home...all the time wanting to stay in the shop to play more with Cinnamon. Feng lead me out of the shop and we went out...

When I got home last night, I wanted to play with her. That is until I saw this..

I missed her...and am still missing her......

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