Monday, March 10, 2008

Abit Sad..But A Big Rock Off My Shoulders Le

This morning, my manager returned to the office. My boss is still in China. I went to the pantry to get a cup of water when Auntie Lily (only I call her that..affectionately of course) informed me that my manager heard from her son, Shaun, that I am leaving the company. Thanks Shaun..didn't know you're reading my blog. LoL.

I had contemplated a long time, thinking when would be the right time to give my manager the letter. Crystal asked me what would my superiors reactions be. I told her that when I give the letter, they will think that I left because of disagreement between me and my boss. After which, when they know the real reason (further my studies), they will think I'm crazy (alot of people said I'm crazy to do full time instead of part time) and then they'll be nice to me for a couple of weeks.

I didn't expect my manager to know about my resignation before I told her. But since she know le, I guess it made things easier for me as well. Thanks Shaun! My manager asked me into her office and we chatted for about an hour plus. She was being very nice and told me to study hard. She gave me alot of advices and I know I had learnt alot of things in Fair-Rite during these past 2 years. It was fun being here, flying around, gaining experiences. BUT, I want to make this clear, I did not leave because of my boss. Whether my boss did or did not scream at me, I would still leave.

It was a very difficult decision, to study full time. I would have to sacrifice the life I have now, going wherever I want, buying things whenever I like it. I can no longer buy 3 story books at one go, and I can't buy shoes or bags when I like it. And I also can't go eat at restaurant and not worry about the amount I would have to pay. But then, knowing myself, I know I can't concentrate if I am studying part time. No way. I'm not that disciplined. And like what Crystal said, if I can afford it, why not?

My manager was being nice, telling me stuff that I will always remember. In fact, because of her, I actually learned alot of stuff and put it to good use in everyday life. ^_^ She suggested that I write a testimonial about myself, and if she thinks it's ok, she will sign it. She will also be my reference for my future job. Nice right? Haha. 2 years in this company le, abit 舍不得 my colleagues.

Like squabbling with Tommy, an everyday event; or tempting Eileen with chocolates (can't see her tummy grow big le!! *wails*); or ganging up with Beeling to "teach" Xana how to deal with teenagers; or to go for lunch with Auntie Lily; or to gossip with my darling Shannen; or chat with Sharon; or learn my Cantonese/Hokkien by conversing with Auntie Lee. Will miss smoking with Eddie and/or Zenn. And Judy!! LoL..will miss seeing her pregnant. *Sigh*

2 years...pass so fast..I believe my studies, 2 years, will pass this fast as well. Look out Singapore! In 2 years, there will be another graduate hungry for knowledge and desperate for a job. Keke! Jiayou ba! ^_^


Shaun said...

hello (:

Welcome, and all the best in studying again. Life in TP is already tough, and you want to relive that feeling again. hahah..

Ps. I do read your blog. :P

Xueyu said...

Thanks! I can tell u..the only time you'll want to study is when you're working. Studying has not much problems, just main aim is to study.
Study is so much more fun

And I do read ur blog too..haha