Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Stupid Conversation

When watching the preview of 10,000BC:

Me: Hey look!! Mammoth!
Feng: Ya, asked you wana watch or not
Me: What show is this?
Feng: 10,000BC
Me: Don't bluff. This must be The Mammothy War or something
Feng: -_-" It's 10,000BC
Me: No!!'s..400
Feng: Why 400?
Me: Because it reminds me of the movie it's a sequel? Therefore 400! *Laughs to myself*
Feng: Faint leh! Told you it's 10,000BC
Me: Hey I know what show is this le lah. Stupid you! It's 10,000BC!
Feng: *Speechless*

I just love to irritate him sometimes..haha

Yesterday, I just came back from Malaysia and me and Feng met up. When feng was makaning his dinner, I told him that I wore a very short dress to my cousin's wedding on Sat.

Feng: Short skirt? You know Red Riding Hood?
Me: Yah?
Feng: Know what she said to the wolf?
Me: Fuck off?
Feng: *Laughs* She told him what big eyes he has.
Me: Orhz (No idea where this conversation is going)
Feng: And know what she says next?
Me: What big ears you have.
Feng: Yes! And then?
Me: What big teeth you have.
Feng: Big teeth meh? Not big mouth meh?
Me: Whatever.
Feng: And you know what Red Riding Hood will tell you?
Me: What big bums you have
Feng: *Laughs* Correct! Why you so clever?
Feng: And what will you say to her?
Me: Fuck off.
Feng: *Laughs* Correct!

See! He is so damn bo liaoz!!! Argh...kept suaning me. That kns guy. -_-"

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