Monday, March 24, 2008

Clarke Quay with Him

2 Sundays ago, I made Feng go out with me. We met up and decided to go Clarke Quay. Wanted to go see see look look at the anime models, but when we reached there, I wasn't able to locate the shops (maybe they closed down le) so we had a walk around CQ.

After almost 2 years of relationship, this is our first time together that CQ. Really faint hor? Anyway we went to the "fountain" in the middle and saw many amatuer photographers taking photographs of the water, the kids playing and the ripples with their SLR camera. Damn..wished I had one too! LoL.

We heard shoutings and realised that they are shooting a show/film there! A Tamil film I guess. Or a sitcom. Or a soap. Whatever. Might be from TCS for all you know.

These are the actresses. They had to walk the perimeter of the "fountain". More like water spouts. I got bored and asked Feng to go elsewhere. We headed down to Suntec.

Where I surprised him with a box of Royce chocolates. It was so nice I bought another 2 boxes for my parents. Service was great at the Suntec branch. Don't really know about the Taka branch though.

We nua-ed until 8+pm, just staring at the fountain of wealth and the cars. Then we headed back to BR Macs, where we met up with the BR gang...yah it's a boring entry. What to do. I've 58 emails to clear today. Fuck man...sianz. Forgot to bring hp and watch. This is not a good start.......

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