Sunday, March 23, 2008

Females Have 'Shelf Life'

This was taken from Thursday news. I think. Can't really remember. You can read the story here. I always believe that women have shelf life.

A man at age 25, can look for a gf aged 18 - 25. Man at age 35, still can look for a gf aged 18-25. Man at age 45? Still looking for gf aged 18-25. (This is just a comparison..not necessarily true, but true to a certain extent). A female? A female at age 25, is looking for a man aged 23 - 40 (maybe for some I guess). At age 35, a female is looking for men aged 35 and above. At age 40? They will be happy if some guy just pay attention to them.

I had discussed this topic with many of my male, as well as female friends. Erin believes a woman's shelf life is until age 29. When you're 30, well, things starts to be different. Esp those who are attached but not married. I've a friend who is now 30+, attached, but the bf is not proposing yet. I don't know what the reason is, but then they have been together for years. And I see people around me, aged 30+ having kids, like my cousins' wives (2 of them are pregnant, which one had already given birth), both are 30+, having their first kid. It's kind of tiring to be working and lugging a weight infront of them at that age. Seriously. And how would it look if you got married at 30+ and your friends who are attending your wedding actually bring their kids? Looks funny and you'll be like...late...for some reasons. Don't really know how to explain.

Quoted from the newspaper on what the Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon said at an event to promote marriages on Wednesday.

Don't wait until you have built up your career. Sometimes it's too late, especially for girls.

See!! Even the MCYS agrees!! Seriously, guys, 有句俗语说:成家立业。 为何是成家立业呢?因为现成家后立业。不是先立业后成家。 (In English, start a family first before succeeding in career, and not the other way round) Sometimes, these Chinese proverbs has their own meaning...I wonder if I will be taken before my shelf life is up....


precious said...

I have some female friends who are way above 30 and still very desirable. Just don't turn into a slob when you hit a certain age, you'll be fine.


Xueyu said...

Hmmz...I'm already a slob...a very lazy slob. Keke