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Birthday Celebrations @ The Vines

*Phew* This is gonna be one long entry...Celebrated my birthday in advance with my poly mates last night. We had dinner at The Vines, which is opposite Novena Square. Seriously, this place is so out of the way, if it weren't for maps, I wouldn't know where the hell this place is. Wanted to go TM Times bookstore to buy Remember me?, but they were stock!! So was the book, Why men don't listen and women can't read maps. I beg to differ, I DO know how to read maps. LoL. Anyway, just bought a book anyhow to last me for at least this week.

Picked up Jack and Jacky (they're not brothers), and headed down to Novena. I parked the car at Novena Sq and called Huiling. Met up with her, CY, Eugene and Bryan and we walked over. Since I was pretty familiar with the Novena area (I had spent 3 years around this area before), I roughly knew how to get to the restaurant, which according to the map, is opposite the famous church. Gene and Bryan decided to take the underpass, and had a "competition" with me and Feng. Me and Feng won by crossing the overhead bridge. LoL. Too bad I forgot to take pics of the exterior. Looks a little like Jack's Place, but slightly cosier I guess. Me and Ling agreed that one of the waiter looks kinda cute. Keke!

The food are reasonably priced I guess. Since a few of us were hungry, I ordered the Fisherman's Catch, which consisted of fish of the day, prawn, scallops and calamari. Only 1 prawn, thankyouverymuch.

While waiting for the starters to arrive, we were all chit chatting, catching up with one another, when CY spotted this and took a pic of it. (We were waiting for Liang and gf and Sue by the way) Carrot consists of 90% water? Yucks!! I hate carrots.

TADAH!! Our fisherman's catch! AOne plate wasn't enough so we ordered another plate..but then...poor hungry Eugene....

bit into a raw and frozen fish. We called for the manager and he decided to give us more of the fish for the other plate. That is until both Jack and CY bit into a raw fish as well. -_-" Complained a little again, and CY gave me a prawn...AND IT WAS RAW IN THE HEAD AND COOKED AT THE TAIL. -_-" The manager decided to give us one plate of fisherman's catch on the house. Quite nice service, they don't give that kind of heck care attitude.

Oh yah..this garlic bread is pretty nice. LoL. And we had about 3 baskets fulll of them. *Drools*

Jacky's not eating meat for this couple of weeks, so he had a special order. He ordered spaghetti and requested for it to be vegetarian. That means no meat, and the sauce is not mixed with any meat (beef/chicken) stock. It looks pretty amazing don't you think?

Alvin's lamb shank. I remembered the last time I tried the lamb shank was at Msia, Secret Recipe. It was awful because of the 腥味, which was intolerable. But Alvin said this is so much nicer than the lamb shank and doesn't have much of the 腥味 and is tasty.

Jack's seafood platter I think. Oh did I mention that all their dishes has alot of carrots? Yucks. Anyway, Jack says that this isn't that bad, although the lobster looks and tastes like crayfish. Keke.

Their famous pork ribs. Liang and his gf, Yuching, shared this and Sue had this as well. Sue rarely eats beef you see. And the verdict? Tender, the sauce lightens the taste and isn't too sickening sweet. Eugene tried it and said normally at Cafe Cartel, he'll get sick of the sauce cause sometimes, too much sauce does worsen the taste. But this, is fantastic. It should be, this is their signature dish.

My medium rare T-bone steak, which I think was slightly overcooked to a medium, and filled with carrots. Yucks. Ling, Alvin, CY, Eugene and Feng had a hard time trying to coax me to try the carrots. OK...they are tasty ok?! They don't taste like normal carrots, but instead the carrots tasted like white radish! Keke. The steak, if it wasn't cooked that well done, might have tasted nicer. Cause even though it was a little overcooked to my liking, it was pretty tasty. I commented to my pals that although initially had a little bad experience with the starters, the food were pretty good. Maybe next time, lesser carrots?

Oh yah..just look at my t-bone. It's so big till they have to put my baked potato on a side dish! And I told the waiter to put more sour cream and he did!! Eugene asked for more of everything: sour cream, bacon bits and spring onions! Service there, tops. Really. Well, I enjoyed myself though. Keke.

Huiling and CY's sirloin steak. Like very nice wor. But Ling ordered a medium well, which is like..hmm..something I wouldn't eat. Keke..I like mine medium rare.

Bryan was too far. Didn't get to hear what he ordered. Well, think it was chicken. I think. Looks like chicken right?

Chiang Hui's duno what also. I was too busy snapping the pics to listen to what they were having. *Excuses*

Eugene's seafood combo? I'm not very sure. But maybe it was due to us complaining, the staff were pretty sure that they cook our food slightly longer (which explains my medium rare becoming a medium) until Eugene was complaining that the seafood was a little tough. Keke. Feng commented that our table was being difficult, cook too short say raw, cook longer say tough. ^^

5 of them had added $3.50 to make the dish into a set, which comes with a soup, a cake and tea/coffee. This is banana cake...or was it walnut cake? Can't really remember. LoL. There were a total of 13 people you was a little distracted here and there. Keke.

13 of us!! From left:
Bryan, Chiang Hui, Alvin, Chan Yeh, Eugene, Jack, Suefong, Yuching, Weiliang, Feng, Me, Huiling, Jacky.
Thanks guys for attending!

Me: I wana drink tea...why you didn't order tea.....*whine*

Me and my fav gals..Sue and Ling. My darlings both of them! Although both of them always kena suan-ed and bullied by me, but I love them! Keke..I know I can always trust Ling to gossip with me and teach me stuff I don't know (like circuit analysis and signals back in poly...and accounts in the future!) and I can always trust Sue to discuss with me about current affairs or financial stuff.

After dinner, we headed over to Novena Sq, wanted to go TCC for a drink, but they were closed, so we headed over to United Sq for a kopi session at Starbucks.

My evil elf of the Lala Land. Both of us are always hatching evil plots to sabo friends on their birthdays. He's Eugene!! The one who made me a tiramisu a couple of days ago and the one who made me chocolates! Someone who I can count on to make me laugh.

Eugene: Banana, do you like chocolate cake?
Me: NO!! I don't eat chocolates!
Eugene: Damn..but we got you chocolate cake. Just you like fruit cake?
Me: No..
Eugene: How about mango cake?
Me: Yes yes!! Me love mango!!
Eugene: Shit! We didn't buy you the mango cake. How about blackforest?
Me: That's Huiling's favourite leh..not mine.......

Eugene: Ok...we got you a fruit many candles do you want on your cake?
Me: One big one will do...*I'm getting too old for this, sigh*

Just look at them lor! Plotting evil schemes to light up more than one candle!! KNS.

And's mango cake!! They really do know me well! Haha! Yum yum! We had never tried Angie's Choice cakes before, and seriously, it was deliciously sinful. Or sinfully delicious..whatever.

I wish for world peace....yah right! I'm not bimbotic and it's MY wish, why should I wish it on anything/anyone else but me?! Of course I made the wish for myself!'ll fulfill by end of this year... *blush* 学业进步!Opps..will my wish still come true even though I had mentioned it?

CY asked me to blow the candle about 1 - 2metres away, cause I sabo-ed him on his birthday. LoL. Which I didn't of course! Keke!

Me and my lesbian partner, Sue! She wanted to take off her specs so I followed suit. Keke. And yes, I know I remind you of Xmas..but I was cold!! Grr...

We were fooling around and this pic...I was supposed to squeeze Gene's head. Kinda looked a little as if I'm holding Eugene by his head right? Right?

Ekks! The present is in pink!! PINK!! Yucks! The box is pink colored and so is the ribbon! Argh!! This can only mean one thing...Sue is out to get me. Cause they know I hate pink! Ekks!! Grr.....*bites* Guess what's inside?

A banana (my nickname), a packet of biscuit, a box of chocolate raisins with toy car, a 红鸡蛋 (cooked and dyed by Sue touched!) and a pen! *Faint* Feng couldn't help but laugh and laugh. But knowing them, this isn't the whole I played around with the box and pulled out the find...

..this. A secret compartment. Zai zai one..haha! Thanks for the effort though. LoL. Nice one guys..and what's in the "secret compartment"? It was...

..THIS!!! $60 WORTH OF TIMES BOOKSTORE VOUCHER!! Yesh!! I can go for a storybook shopping spree now!! YEAH!! And I can buy a notebook, and foolscape paper, and pens, and rubber, and calculator...and and...LoL! This is so crazy!! THANKS!! Haha!! Think they went to look at my Xmas list since I do not have anything that I currently need now. Keke! Thanks thanks!!

After nua-ing at United Sq, we all decided to go play pool since it was ages since we last played. Anyway, CY, Weiliang and Yuching, Chiang Hui and Alvin had went home. So the remaining few, Jack, Jacky, Bryan, Sue, Huiling, Eugene, Feng and me decided to go down to Parkway for a couple of shots.

I so need to get a new camera. LoL. The pictures taken are kind of fuzzy le. Sianz. Eugene stayed till about 1+ and went home on his own, and forgot that his IC. Now his IC is with me..time to borrow money from loan sharks le..keke! Joking lah! Maybe pass him the ic sometime this week..the rest of us stayed till 3+ (actually 2+ we close all the tables and went to Macs for a chat) and I sent Sue and Ling home. It was one hell of a night. It was ages since we played pool and had so much fun. From the time we know each other, discussing about projects and our lecturers, gossiping about which classmate is seeing which schoolmate, till now, discussing about funds, finance, investment and such..6 years of friendship with this bunch. How not to love them? Thanks for everything!!

PS: Feng dear, I'm still waiting for my bday present!! Although my bday is like 3 days away...keke

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