Monday, March 3, 2008

I Only Want Peace

Eugene just msn-ed me, asking what I want for my birthday, which is in another 23 days. I told him I want peace...for myself. I'm not a saint, so I will want peace for myself. Peace at work, until my last day on 30th April..I don't want to feel jittery everytime my phone rings. I don't want to feel stressed up whenever my boss is in the office. I just want to pass my time, doing what I'm supposed to do in the office, and go home in a relaxed mode.

I told my parents, since the stewardess can sue Venture's boss' wife for slapping her while on duty, I can also sue my boss. LoL. She, Ms Then Jiamin, is seeking unspecified damages for 'emotional and mental distress'. The report here. Well, I can do that too can't I? I am having mental distress. I am emotional, everytime my boss screams at me, I fight back my tears. And when he's in the office, and when I hear my phone ringing, I'll jump from my seat and my heart pumps faster. That's mental distress le right?

For the past 1 week, my boss wasn't around in the office. I thought I could finally have some peace. But early in the morning, 9+am, he called me and screwed me upside down. And ya...he keeps saying the same thing. "How can you call yourself an engineer? You do not even understand the test data, still call yourself an engineer? Seriously, you are very lousy!" *Sigh* How many times must I explain myself? I am NOT AN ENGINEER. I've no interests in Electronics. I am more interested in semi-conductor PROCESS. And I AM NOT AN ENGINEER!! Sheesh. I had never claimed that I am an engineer. You had hired me to be a sales coordinator, NOT engineer. Tsk tsk. I can sue him too right? LoL.

Anyway, whatever it is...I just want peace. I'm tendering my resignation sometime next week. I'm giving them 1.5mths notice in advance. And no, I will not stay, because I'm flying off to Japan on the 2nd of May. My preparatory class starts in June. My school starts in Aug. So..please please...just give me peace for these 2 months can? Not very much lehz....*stressed up*