Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Japan Trip Postponed?

Sigh. Called dad just now to inform him that my youngest uncle might be getting for me the iPod iTouch for me. Cause I shamelessly messaged my uncle requesting for one, which in the message I did say I wana pay, but which I think my uncle might not request for me to pay. Keke. My uncle asked me why not get an iPhone instead, which I told him that I have no money to pay for and I'm happy with my N73. And know what my dad told me? My uncle is sponsoring us to go Aust in May. May?! But that's when we are going Japan!!

Dad said we might have to postpone our Japan trip cause uncle is sponsoring us to go Aust on May 4th. Dotz. Since I had been to Aust before, I asked dad if we could carry on with our Japan instead. And know what dad tempted me with? A380. We will most prob be taking A380 to go Aust!! Kaoz!! I want!!!!! Sob..but that means Japan will postpone since it falls on the same week.

Excited, I called mom and told her the news. Mom was happy of course! She wants to go Hokkaido in July to see lavendar flowers. -_-" I want to see sakura!! Mom said this time we go Aust first, go Hokkaido in July, and if I really wana see sakura, we will go next year instead. Sigh. Mom also kept reminding me it'ss A380. Yes yes I know!! Scarly on the day itself no A380 how? Sad lah!

Aust..I was SOooo looking forward to going Japan lehz. Aust, anytime can go, there's nothing much to see in different seasons, unlike Japan!! I wana go to the music box factory..I wana buy my Buberry Blue Label bag! Yesterday I just got mom to promise me to buy this bag, which costs around SGD$400+. ARGH!! I want my chocolatess! I want to wear my winter wear!! I want to see sakura..and if possible, smuggle a few stalks home! *Kidding lah* I wana go Hokkaido...*sobs* I've been to Aust before, and although I kinda like the place there, I still wana go Hokkaido! I've been hyping myself for the Japan*sigh*

Dear, Eugene, Sue, paiseh no chocolates le. Shannen, paiseh no scallops le. Dear, paiseh no music box. Eugene, paiseh no crabs. ARGH!! *Cries* I've been to Aust before le..yes I know Aust very big, but other than Gold Coast and Brisbane, you think my uncle will sponsor anywhere else? And most prob going with my relatives..been to Dream World, Sea World and Movie World before le. Drank the Aust beer le. Stayed at Aust farmhouse le. Rode on the Aust horses le. Sigh. Shall see what my dad says tonight. He's gonna call Chan Brothers to see if he can change the date. 有的比有失。 If I go Aust, I'll miss my Japan trip and not get to see my sakura. If I go Japan, I'll miss taking A380. It's so...ARGH!!

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