Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie Vs Book

Caught P.S I Love You last Friday. I had read the book a year + ago, and the book was written by Cecilia Ahern. When I first read Cecilia Ahern's book, If You Can See Me Now, I was crying every now and then. I told myself that they should turn it into a movie. It was very touching. And that spurred me to buy more of her books. The next book of hers I bought was PS I Love You.

Seriously, when I started watching the movie, I was a little disappointed. For one, Holly did not live in a flat. Holly live in a house with a garden that her husband, Gerry, loves to keep and trim. Yes, they are both in Ireland and they live in Ireland. They do not live in USA. I guess, it's rather difficult to film it in Ireland since it might not be a blockbuster movie. And no, Gerry did not buy a birthday cake for Holly's birthday. Well..I'm just going to list out the differences (spoiler!!):

- Both are born in Ireland or England, can't rem...my book is with Eugene right now
- Both are college friends, they know each other since college and had been together since; not like the movie portrayed, where they know each other when Holly went sight seeing
- Gerry did not give her a tape. Gerry actually sent a whole box of letters to Holly's mom's house, where Holly went after the mom informed her that there was a parcel for her
- Holly had all the letters, but she only opened one at a time after the clock struck midnight on the last day of every month
- Holly went to the KTV and Daniel was actually the boss of the KTV pub
- Gerry had enrolled Holly in the KTV competition in Daniel's pub
- Daniel's ex-gf IS NOT a lesbian. She actually ran off with another guy
- Holly works at a magazine firm, where she is in charge of placing the adverts
- Holly went to a beach with her friends, cause Gerry had booked a trip for them
- She and her friends were stranded in the middle of the sea on floating beds, not a boat
- They were rescued by the Coast Guards, who were informed by a group of shrieking females that Holly and her friends met on the plane
- Holly met Daniel's ex-gf in the pub and was actually "harrassed" by the ex-gf's current fiance
- When Holly wanted to accept Daniel, Daniel had already patched up with his ex-gf at Denise's wedding
- Holly's sister migrated to Australia when her Aussie bf came over to Ireland/England to propose to her
- Holly has a brother, an ex-sister-in-law and niece
- Holly's brother helped Holly trim her garden and Holly helped her brother get a new job in garden landscaping
- Holly's boss taught her how to let things go

See!! So many differences!! Seriously, I can't expect the movie to copy note by note, cause the movie would be more than 2hrs long. But then, I would suggest those who had seen this movie to read the book. The book is so much nicer. I always preferred to watch the movie le then read the book. =P

Well, after reading Cecilia Ahern's book, the one that left the deepest impression is If You Can See Me Now. It's a rather nice book. Nowadays, rarely do I read books that are based in US. Maybe US writers all earn too much? Nowadays, England and Ireland writers are taking over...keke...which reminds me, I've 20% at Times Bookstore this month since my birthday is coming. Time to go for book shopping again!! YEAH!!


Min-tea said...

I've always been on to read the book first prior to watching the movie because I know that it's never possible to get everything into the movie and I didn't want to miss out a single part of it. Also sometimes, certain things don't get translated onto the screen.

Anyway, P.S I Love You is one book that I refuse to read because it made my sister, who is usually stoic and hard-hearted, cry and I'm more emotional than she is. I'm not watching the movie for the exact same reason. I don't want to leave the theatre looking like Rudolph. :)

Xueyu said...

Oh this show had me crying from the minute it started cause I had read the book before. The book actually describes Holly's pain, so throughout the show I was crying, but then I'm not the only one.

Then I suggest you don't buy Cecilia Ahern's book, cause all her books made me cry. Cry to the extent that once I had wet my pillow AND used up half my tissues. Her books are that great.