Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's Wrong With Only Child?!

Yeps! What is wrong with me being an only child? What's wrong if I'm pampered by my parents as compared to my friends? So what if my parents still pay for some of my stuff? So what if I'm an attention seeker? So what if I'm spoilt? Why should you care?

What you guys see are only the surface. Did you see me giving $700 ang pao to my parents? Did you see me splashing $300+ on my mom's birthday celebration last year? Did you see me rushing here and there to buy things for my dad's birthday? Did you see me buying food for my mom and dad? Did you see me massaging for them?

Another thing. If they don't spend their money on me, WHO ELSE CAN THEY SPEND IT ON OTHER THAN THEMSELVES?! My parents have almost everything, so once they can afford, they spend it on me! It's not like I'm ALWAYS asking them to pay for stuff! I do pay for dinner when we go out as a family ok! I did asked my mom if she wanted a massage chair and that I'm willing to fork out all 7K to pay for it! Did you know that I watch my dad's diet because he has to slim down? Did you know that I do not go out on Sundays so we could do things as a family, be it a day outside or at home nua-ing?

Stop stereotyping that all single child are spoilt brats. We are pampered, yes, because OUR FAMILY CAN AFFORD TO. You think I really 要风得风,要雨得雨?Please lehz! My parents just wana give me things that they do not have when they were young. Is that so wrong? I don't go asking for a new laptop. Heck, I PAID for my own laptop with MY OWN MONEY! All 2.3K!! My bed, my cupboard, my table, my side tables...all the furniture in my room...I PAID WITH THE MONEY I SAVED SINCE YOUNG! ALL 3K! The last thing dad bought for me was 2 Braun Buffel bags. THAT'S ALL.

Yes, my dad is helping me pay my school fees, but then I told my dad not to give me any pocket money! I'd save enough (I hope) to last me for 2 years. I'm NOT taking any single money from him. And my school fees I'm loaning from my dad. Why pay interests to the bank? Crazy. Jealous that my family can afford? Sod it! My story books which I buy monthly are paid with my own money! My shoes, my clothes, my accessories! ALL LAO NIANG PAY ONE OK!! Oh did I mention that even though I have the supplementary card, I rarely use it and even if I do, I'll transfer the exact amount spent to my dad within 24 hrs?

And this Japan trip, I told my dad I'll pay 2K to him. And can he sponsor the remaining 600+. He's ok with it what!! My mom good mood, says wana sponsor all of our shopping in Japan, so I got her to buy me the Burberry Bag lor!! I'll NEVER, EVER, spend more than 150 on myself one lor!! WTF. My parents are not complaining, why the heck should you say that if I'm your kid, you'd have cut my phone and scolded me? Hello! I USED TO chalk very high hp expenses, but hello!! Last time the charges are 1 sec also counted as 1min, which is charged at 20cents! peak is 18 cents, peak is 24 cents! And I paid for my own bill! All 400+!!

Sheesh!! Oh yah, I give my parents 350 every month ok. On top of that, sometimes I'll bring them go eat and buy stuff for them! Stop saying that it's because I'm an only child, I get pampered and I'm spoilt. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ONLY CHILD!! ARGH!!

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