Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Pre-Birthday Presents

Eugene msn-ed me yesterday afternoon, informing me that my tiramisu is ready and I can collect anytime from him. He had made a tiramisu cake for me, since I had liked it. So yesterday, after work, dad picked me up and off I go to meet Eugene. Picked him up halfway though. Went up to his house to collect the cake, but he surprised me with a gift! Something he and his gf had bought for me..

The lamp that I always wanted!! The first time I saw it at Ig's Heaven many years ago, it costs $129! Of course lah, now is cheaper. LoL. Always canted this..I have a hp accessory that is the same guy! Keke! Thanks Eugene and Baoyan! The last time I saw this was at Jacky's house during CNY and I had merely jokingly said I wanted this. And tadah!! My very own lamp!! Keke!! Now I can turn this guy on and off anytime I want..*wink*

See see!! So cute!! LoL. But I never plug it in though..cause scared it'll explode, the bulb inside that is. So I had put it on my bedside as a decoration. NICE!!

Did I mention that Eugene made me a tiramisu cake? It was heavenly!! You can actually taste alcohol! And it's Bailey's lor! Yum yum...oh the little container is cocoa powder, Gene says to sprinkle (sift) the powder on top when I wana eat it, which...may be tonight. Yeah!! I tasted 1 pc at Gene's house, it was really heavenly. LoL. Yes Eugene, it is nicer. Keke! Thanks once again! Get you a bottle of Bailey's when I back from Japan!

Oh yah, Aust trip is so off. Checked with my uncle and he told me he has only 1 ticket. Chey! So cancelled le. And my Japan trip is postponed to 05/05 cause 05/02 not enough people. So yepz, I'm going to my chocolate factory, music box factory, beer factory etc in May! Hopefully get to see my sakura. Can't wait! ^_^

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