Friday, March 14, 2008

Some People Are Just So Boh Liao

You know? Some people are just so boh liaoz? Or maybe because they don't have a cbox, and therefore don't know that I can actually check their IP address? LoL. Just look at the comments from crazy bitch and someone. They actually have the same IP address! Well, almost. Which means they are most probably the same person.

Is is very fun to come in and act devilish and angelic at the same time? Or are you just too bored? What you wana know just say. To whoever you are, I don't watch the 9pm show, cause I'm not as boh liao as you. Why watch TCS when I've SCV? And I don't have a high paying job. It's just that I know how to spend within my means. And my parents are not rich. We are just a normal middle class family. And sorry, I don't depend on my bf. My bf doesn't pay for my clothes, books or anything else, except for our food and movies. Things he buys for an occassion are not counted.

And did I blame anyone? LoL. I'm just commenting that I'm responsible for my stuff. My hp bill over 400, I pay. I didn't blame anyone saying that it's all because of them, calling me and chit chatting did I? I'm just stating why it was so darn expensive last time! Sheesh. As for me being a spoilt brat, well, I already know. Haha to you. How can I ruin my life when I know what I want and I actually aim for it myself? LoL. You are so damn pathetic. Anyway I'm just gonna delete the comments...some people are just too bored.

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