Thursday, April 24, 2008

German Restaurant - What Oven?

This is a very late post. Anyway, last Friday I went to this German restaurant at Siglap. Name? Werner's Oven. It's located between the private housing and the kopidiam opposite Gelare at Siglaps. I almost missed it. I had suggested going there to eat, but I did not know the exact location. So my dad parked at the open air carpark (next to the Shell station) and we decided to walk and see.

Initially it doesn't look like a German restaurant. We went up to have a closer look and saw the word 'Germans' and 'sausages'. "This must be it!" I had shouted to my parents excitedly. Mom was complaining that we should have parked it at the restaurant instead of the open air carpark. But the restaurant only has 4 allocated space. The rest are for the tenants upstairs (private housing).

The guy gave us a menu and I asked if it was ok to take pictures. He told me it was OK but then I still felt weird cause everyone was looking my way when my camera phone went click and the flash just suddenly brightened the section we were at. Dad seemed thoroughly engrossed in finding his dinner..

Dad and mom ordered a 0.5L German beer called Hefe-Weisbier Dunkel. It is a chesnut brown, naturally cloudy wheat beer with a full malty flavour. (quoted from their website) Dad says it's OK only cause it's not freshly brewed. Maybe it would taste nicer if it's freshly brewed, like Paulaner Brauhaus at Millenia Walk. Mom doesn't like the taste. She didn't even finish the beer lor!

Since mom says I've to be the driver (dad drinking), so I chose a ice lemon tea. Nah..just kidding. I chose ice tea cause I wasn't feeling great with the cold sores and such. Oh yah, I didn't take the interior pics cause as I mentioned earlier, it was kind of awkward even though I can take pictures inside. The waiters seemed to be staring at me everytime I whipped out my phone. -_-" You can find out other reviews about this restaurant here, here and here.

This is the starter, Sauteed Potatoes ($6). I've a thing for potatoes. LoL. But for someone who loves saltish food more than the average person, I find this a tad too saltish. With every 2 mouthfuls of potato, I've to drink 1 big sip of my ice tea. My parents gave up on this. It was just too saltish for them. I didn't finish it. Slight disappointment. There's bacon, onion and potatoes inside. I guess they ignored the fact that bacon itself is saltish, and just continued adding salt or whatever. Or maybe Germans just love saltish stuff.

Dad's Grilled Farmer Sausage ($18.50). THIS. IS. FANTASTIC. I guess that's what the Germans are best for, beer and sausages. Served with sauerkraut & potato salad. I didn't try the side dishes though. Just tried the sausages. *Slurp* Not that disappointing anymore! Boy was I wrong.

My Spaghetti Carbonara ($9.50) came. IT SUCKS. Why did I order this? Cause my mom don't know what to order, and initially I had ordered the pork's knuckles for myself. But mom wants that to herself, so I had to order something else that my mom might want to eat. So I ordered carbonara. A WRONG CHOICE!! It had no taste despite it being over-creamy! And the bacon...what bacon?! I could count the bits of bacon! This teaches me NOT to order western food in a German restaurant. Seriously sucks.

Last dish, Knusperiege Schweinehaxe ($19.50). This was supposed to be WOW. After hearing my colleague and my cousin telling me how nice this was, I HAD TO ORDER IT! was a little disappointing. OK, the skin was roasted perfectly. It was crispy. But either it was meant to be this way, or whatever, the meat was dry and tough. Mom gave up halfway. Apparently dad's dish was the most delicious. I gave up my carbonara halfway too, and mom took over to eat. The knuckle? It was nice..though too dry. If only they have sauce for those who prefer it with sauce than with beer.

Verdict: I'm NOT going back for pork knuckles or carbonara anymore. Dad's sausage was nice. But I prefer the one at Paulaner Brauhaus. The sausages there are nice, the food there are nice, heck...the service over there is so much nicer than at Werner's Oven! Really a disappointing night. Total bill came up to $88+. For such a price, the experience is definitely not worth it. Sigh.

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