Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Verdict

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I made my first tiramisu. I tried them today.

The verdict? Not too sweet. If eaten without lots of cocoa powder, it tastes sickening sweet and cheesy. I had a piece...was it sinful!! Cause I know what went in..*slurp*

I let Feng try a portion, topped with lotsa cocoa powder of course. He said it was nice. Yeah! Success! Maybe next time I won't put so much whipped cream or egg whites. It's fluffy. It's not hard like those sold outside, and it's not too runny. It's just...wobbly and fluffy? Maybe next time I'll put 3 egg whites instead. Ok..for the recipe...

This is my recipe..first time do one. Please don't follow mine in case you wana make and found mine not nice. It's try at your own risk.

4 egg whites
150ml whipped cream
200g sugar
500g marscaporne cheese (I bought mine at Cold Storage)
Cocoa powder
Lady Fingers
Irish cream (can substitute with coffee and rum)

Step 1: Whip egg whites and 70g sugar till peak or till sugar dissolves. Put aside
Step 2: Whip marscaporne cheese with remaining sugar and 150ml of whipped cream till thoroughly mixed or till sugar dissolves.
Step 3: Fold in mixture from step 1.
Step 4: Put in refrigerator till needed (I put in freezer)
Step 5: Pour irish cream onto a flat plate and dip lady fingers (about 1 - 2 sec on the sugary side and 1 sec on the plain side..don't want it to be too soggy)
Step 6: Line up the bottom of the container with the lady fingers
Step 7: Get the cheese from the fridge and pour into the container till it covers the lady fingers.
Step 8: Repeat step 5 and line it up on top of the cheese
Step 9: Repeat step 7
Step 10: Refrigerate it overnight.
Step 11: Serve it with cocoa powder.
Step 12: Enjoy



motd said...

Wish my gf can whip out something like this. so far I'm the one doing all the cooking.

Xueyu said...

motd: LoL. I love cooking and baking ma..different.