Thursday, April 24, 2008

So What If I'm Leaving?!?!?!?

Seriously, so what if I'd already tendered my resignation letter months ago and am waiting for my last day?! So what if I'm leaving? Does it give me the reason to slack and nua and give bad results?! Does it means that I can get scolded by my manager and boss because of the screw ups I'd made justs because I won't be getting a scolding from them soon? Does that means I can screw up and let them scold? Scold nia ma right? WRONG!!

I'm leaving cause I'm going back to study. I'm not leaving cause I hate this company. Sure, sometimes I just feel like killing some of my customers who are unreasonable, feel like slapping my China colleagues who are just so damn lazy and always cause screw ups, feel like knocking in some sense into my SG colleague and feel like throwing resignation and say loudly,"I QUIT YOU SUCKS" whenever my boss or manager scolds me (wait..I gave the resignation letter already..haha).

Please...stop telling me stuff like "It's ok lah, get scolded then get scolded lor. You're leaving anyway," or "Aiyah you'll get niam for another 1 mth only" It doesn't matter if I'm leaving today or a month's time. I don't like to get scolded for things that I could have done nicely! I don't like to screw my things up. I want to leave this company nice nice, meaning I leave with ease, so my colleagues will not have to clear my shits I left behind, nor will my colleagues or my manager curse me if they found out I screwed something up after I left. I want to leave on a nice note. It's getting tiring to hear these comments. SO WHAT IF I'M LEAVING? I'm STILL working aren't I? Sheesh!!

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