Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Those who say money can't buy happiness, have no money

- Calvin Ayre

Huh we meeting on 04/30? Not 04/31 meh? Oh yah, April only got 30 days

- Jacky

Females are created to create chaos for the males' peaceful life

- Feng

Signal for what? Those cars cannot see that I'm changing lanes meh!

- Dad

I only know how to take out the hard disk, don't ask me to put everything back as it was originally

- Me

Girl you're getting fat. Don't eat so much. Still got alot of rice left, help me eat finish.

- Mom

I must act stupid so that you'll look clever

- Erin


daphne maia said...

indeed, money can buy happiness.

how else can u get all ur needs satisfied? n if ice cream, bags, shoes, and nice cars dont give u happiness, u got a serious problem.


Xueyu said...

LoL...true to a certain extend I guess.