Friday, April 11, 2008

Sex is Zero - TWO!!!

Guess what? Was surfing the web just now and realised that Sex is Zero 2 is in the cinema right now!! Err, for kids aged 20 and below, this movie is not for you lah hor. This is a R21 comedy movie. I caught the part 1 4 years ago, and I couldn't stop laughing. Believe me, it's really R21. With erotic scenes. The first R21 show I caught was 金鸡 when I was only a couple of months from my 21st birthday. Believe me. IT IS SO NOT R21. *Yawn* With the exception of some moaning, that's it. But then Sex Is I tell you!

You get to see the females and males naked and actually doing it!! It's a nice show! Couldn't stop laughing as well. From the beginning to the end I was laughing and laughing...except for the part where the hot babe is having sex with the hot-bod guy. *Drool* Her figure.....piangz!! LoL.

This movie started screening only yesterday. But not many cinema are screening this show. Only from the following cinemas:

- Prince

Golden Village
- Marina
- Plaza
- Vivocity

I am so gonna drag Feng to catch this show with me...keke....just watched the preview, and it still proved to be erotic (a little, therefore R21) and funny. LoL. Anyone watched it yet? Tell me the reviews ok?

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