Friday, April 25, 2008


It's FRIDAY!! Yeah!! Another 5 hours and 15min to knock off! I'm going to head down to Penninsular Plaza to buy myself a pair of boots! Yes yes, buying so that I can wear it in Hokkaido! Counting down...10 more days till I'm in Hokkaido....keke! Checked out the weather forecast, highest temp is 12 deg and lowest is 4 deg! OMG!! Dad says that the people at Chan Brothers had breifed them not to depend on the internet forecast as the actual temperature might be lower! I'm so gonna freeze over there. Later go shop for clothes with my well as boots! Oh did I mention that I've a new luggage bag (*again)? And it's in green color! YEAH!! Lunch time soon...lalalala

Hong Kong (work related) trip 2006 - bought a Samsonite luggage bag
China (work related) trip 2007 - bought a BIGGER Samsonite luggage bag
Japan trip 2008 - free green hardcover luggage bag courtesy of Chan Bros

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