Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tribal Wars

Recently (Tuesday in fact..very very recently), I've been hooked onto a non-moving game. It's Tribal Wars. It's a non-interactive (at least for a low level noob like me) game. The only time I see any animations is when I'm building something or recruiting my army. That's all. What's so nice about this?

A few months back (about 6 mths ago), I went back Kuantan for my cousin's wedding. I'm very close to my 2 elder male cousins. One of them is, of course, Edward Bang. Same surname somemore, definitely closer. LoL. Anyway, he was supposed to be the photographer for Kevin (my another elder guy cousin whom I used to be close with), but while waiting for the bride and groom to change, Edward used my laptop to surf net. I thought what was so important, maybe checking his office email or whatever. But no. He logged into Tribal Wars. At first look, it looked boring (and it still does look boring). However he was so engrossed. He was constantly recruiting and fighting. So when I returned to Singapore, I joined Tribal Wars. I couldn't understand a single thing and left it there..until Tuesday.

I read the tutorial and started playing on my own. This is what I am today. As of now that is. I wanted to raid other towns (players) but was unable to. Cause I didn't have an army. It was until yesterday the option for barracks was up. I had to upgrade my headquaters! *Stupid me* And since barracks up le, can recruit le! Then I realised my daily input of clay, timber and iron isn't enough! (They will bring in a certain amount of each item on a 4 hours basis according to your level. Eg, iron mine level 3 = 267 iron/4 hours). After recruiting my troop (10 swordsman only!) and building a market and upgrading my clay input...I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCES TO DO ANYTHING!! ARGH!!

See..this is addictive. Think by the time I finish writing this blog, my troops would have been done recruiting and the buildings would have been built. Hmm...can't wait to go back see!

Anyway this is how my town looks like. Kinda like some lousy old town that will get attacked very easily hor? That's why I blocked out my coordinates. LoL. So nobody can attack me and plunder my stuff!! Anyone playing? Come play with me leh...I'm like so lonely inside. My cousin has thousans, if not, hundreds of troops. If I play with him he's just gonna plunder my stuff and rape my troops. =P's very medival lor. Me go play liao lah. Ciaoz.

Note: It is BORING initially. Really.

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Anonymous said...

but you didn't block it on your last pic... lol! but you've prob. been rimmed by now!!