Monday, May 5, 2008

Checked In Le

Hey hey, now is 740am, and I'm at the check in area, waiting to board the plane at 820am. Dotz. Woke ujp at 530am this morning. So tired. According to the tour leader, Madeline, our tour has 34 people. So far I'm the youngest, those that I've seen that is.

Taking ANA NH112. Dad says the airplane is not Boeing 747. LoL. And according to Madeline, we will be taking a 7hr flight to Tokyo, where after that, we will take an hour's bus ride to another airport for transit. So roughly by the time we reach the hotel, will be 10+pm if we're lucky. -_-" And tomorrow morning we'll check out of the hotel and start the tour!! LoL.

Think I'm crazy standing and typing away. But I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night! LoL. Sigh. I'll miss SG. I don't know if I'm a workaholic or too responsible. I was kept half awake when I thought of my work. Never once had I went overseas peacefully if I had to be away from my work for 1 week. Don't know what screw ups or whatever things I have yet to follow up will await me when I'm back. *Stressed* I guess, since poly, I could never trust people with my work. Even in poly, I prefer to do things myself than to delegate.

Ok, people are starting to stream in le and I'm looking seriously ridiculous, here blogging. LoL. OK...over and out!!

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