Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last Entry

This shall be the last entry till next week, cause I'm due at the airport at 630am later. I'll be taking a 7 hour flight to Narita Airport, which we will transit and take another flight to Hokkaido. Half the day gone. By time we reach the hotel, it'll be 9+pm. Dotz. Latter, me shall smoke 1 stick (my last for this whole week) and keep the rest in the drawer. Hope it won't lao hong when I come back. =)

Sent Cinnamon to the pet shop today. Will be picking her up on Mon. She's so much lighter now and easier to carry. Just hope that she don't throw my face after so much praising. I've 43,000 yen (equivalent to around S$500) to spend there. Do not know if it's sufficient. Well it has to be, cause my pay for last month will be delayed. It'll only be available for me on Tuesday, hopefully. So that means to be on the safe side, I'd better not use my debit card till Wed or Thurs. -_-"

Anyway, started packing since 7pm. Things are just so messy! This is the luggage dad's bringing. I asked him for his camera charger, and he couldn't find it. I took this opportunity to shoot back at him for the times I misplaced my stuff. LoL. Heh heh..always say I use already never put back, you also lehz! Keke. Dad kept insisting that he doesn't want to bring a long john cause it isn't cold (HELLO! 12 degrees is the highest temp!! Lowest is 4deg!!). I told him if it happened to be cold, he better don't ask jacket from me cause I won't have extra. LoL. Dad hurriedly packed in a long john, Just In Case.

This is MY luggage, the one that I'm in charge. I insisted that I wana bring this green luggage cause it looks nice. Mom and dad kept saying that we very kua zhang, 3 people 3 luggage. But mom wanted to bring the milo, kopi, cup noodles etc. If don't bring this bag, where got enough space? True enough, after I finished packing this bag, dad and mom wanted to stuff their extra pair of shoes inside and asked if I had space for it. Of course dun have lah! I put a winter jacket, food, drinks and my boots inside liao leh! Where got space! This is a freaking small luggage lor. LoL.

Yes yes, very messy. Actually after I took this pic, it became even messier as I dug out the clothes that I wana bring there. LoL. As well as the shampoo, the conditioner, mom's shampoo, body shampooe etc, not including mom's clothes and my clothes. And I thought I was bring kua zhang, I'm wearing 1 pair of jeans and bringing 2 pairs. Mom gonna wear 1 and bring 3!! *Faint* The way my family pack to go overseas is as though we're migrating or moving house. LoL. I brought about 10 - 11 tee, 4 bottoms, 7 bras and lotsa other stuff. LoL. I know when we come back, it won't be just 3 luggages. I have a haunch...anyway gonna make a card for my mom later. 8th May is her birthday and 11th May is Mother's Day. Think I'll make her a card and present it to her there. Nites all! Gotta wake up at 530am...will die....... -_-""

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