Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello Kitty Challenge - More Like Revenge

Post had been removed since Daphne had removed hers. Too bad for you if you're just here to read some cat-fight or me insulting her or whatever. It never happened. =)

Have a great weekend.


Uray said...


i understand wer u r coming from.

however, since e landlord has already put up her number on forums openly den even if daphnemaia puts her number up again dont really matter already anymore right?

furthermore, the unit number will not be placed on any blogs to ensure security tis i agree.

and since she is letting viewers view her hse, she should have already taken measures to ensure safety.

and we r not making an appointment wif her outside and play her out ..basically she is jus making use of the time she is HOME to let viewers come see the flat.

anyway its jus a call...chill man! wad she will lose is prolly 15mins of the time she entertained the caller.

Xueyu said...

O..k..but no need to go to this extreme to prank her. There's something called retribution, just wait for it to happen. =)

Anonymous said...

for someone supposedly mature, daphne is definitely childish in this manner. she can sued for this.

Aaron said...

i have to agree.

It does look very petty and immature.. you don't embarrass someone when they humiliate you, just like you don't punch a person back when they do the same thing (okay, unless you're in for the tit-for-tat theory).

You do know what they say, an eye for an eye makes the world go blind.

Similar to random acts of kindness, i think mediated 'pranks' are a complete reversal which may end up making more people having messed up days.

But if i may comment on the lighter side, no one got hurt and she just spent the afternoon waiting for someone to turn up.

To each his/her own. There's no one way in which everyone can settle an issue, and this is the way she chose. We don't know what she's been going through, but what's done is done, lets ..

Move on (doesn't this just sound familiar).


Xueyu said...

Aaron: Eh that sounded familiar. Anyway like what arzhou said..double edge sword. =)

Case close! Have a nice weekend all!

Anonymous said...

if you have nothing good to say then don't say. why keep attacking daphne when she didnt do anything to u all. too free? or wanna be top 10?

Xueyu said...

anonymous 2: actually u were too late. LoL. As I mentioned, the post was removed AFTER Daph removed hers. If I wana get top 10, I could just use a misleading title that has something to do with sex. =)

Xizor2000 said...

Aaron says: " You do know what they say, an eye for an eye makes the world go blind. "

Then by your experience, tell me what you have done when someone punch you.

Or if you never had that experience, then perhaps until you do, don't teach someone to do something you have not done before. :)