Monday, May 26, 2008

Kena Tagged...

Was tagged by Shina. Damn..shouldn't have read her blog. At least got reason not to do the tag. LoL. Well here goes:

1. Have you see a miracle happening to you before?
- is a miracle that I'm still alive each day.

2.What is the thing you want most now?
- Sleep..and get rid of the stupid migraine.

3.What are the goals you want to achieve in your life?
- To enjoy life and travel around the world. Short term: to get my degree (sheesh..2 years!!)

4. If you have a wish to wish for, what would it be?
- World peace. *Ptui* I only have one wish? goes: I wish I am smarter, prettier, slimmer, taller, richer, more popular and have 30hours a day to do whatever I want without worrying for money, food or anything. *Phew*

5.What are you afraid to lose most now?
- Money. I'm going to be jobless in another 4 days.

6.Do you believe in eternal love?
- No. Used to believe in it until I had too many relationships that proved otherwise. And eternal is a very long time..I'll get bored.

7.If you met someone you love alot, will you confess to him/her?
- Nopez. No way! Although I'll just drop subtle hints. =]

8.Who you love most?
- My rabbit and my parents. And my PC. And my car. And my friends. =]

9.What is in your mind?
- Can I sleep? Headache's killing me.

10.What type of people do you hate most?
- Liars. They're the scariest people around. You don't know when they are lying to you and that they can hurt you with their lies.

11.Would you cherish every friendship of yours?
- I guess..when you're working and all your friends are working, you just have to make do with whatever time you've left to catch up.

12.Do you believe in God?
- Somehow. I'm a Buddhist, I believe in God, but do not believe that God created me. I was created by my parents.

13.What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- Sleep? LoL. I'm money minded.

14.What JC/Poly you want to go?
- Err, this is for secondary school students. I'm waay past that age. Although I used to want to go SRJC or CJC, but then I had to make do with TP. And without TP, I won't get to know my bunch of crazy yet lovingly cute friends/classmates!

15.What do you want your friendship to be like?
- Truthful..just wish that some of my so called friends would put me first before themselves, like sometimes I do. And that they would stop hidding things from me and stop faking that they like me or whatever. You like me, wana be my friend, then ok. If not, stop trying to act lah ok. I can do without friends like your kind.

16.What is your favourite hobby?
- Playing games, going for a spin (with me driving and terrorising the roads), sleeping, lim kopi (starbucks!), eating...

17.Which country do you wish to go the most?

18.If you feel low one day, who will you go to?
- Suefong or Huiling. But most prob I'll just keep it inside me and cry. =|

19.Is loving someone so hard,If so why do you love?Why do you think its hard?
- Loving someone IS hard. But hating someone is harder, so I prefer to love.

20.Who is your lover?
- Weifeng lor. He's my boyfriend....

Tagged list: 10 of them (=

WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET 10?!?! Aiyah, whoever wana do then do lah...headache's killing me. Ciaoz.