Thursday, May 29, 2008

"We Do It Just To Get Sex"

After reading my post, 6 people commented on the issues of sex vs love. And IF I'm not wrong, all 6 are male. LoL. One of them caught my eyes. And I feel that I must reply to him. I quote him:

Oh screw that. You said it, we want sex, and women want a whole long list of stuff. Plus we have to pay for everything. It's one-sided all right. The option of engaging a hooker in a win-win situation is very attractive. She gets paid, I get sex. No drama. I mean, what are the girls of today plan to offer in exchange for all that massaging, "affection", care, money, remembering birthdays, celebrating V-Day (it's a freakin expensive hassle, but we do it just to get sex. Hah.)?

Seriously, if this was coming from my boyfriend's mouth, I would have slapped him hard across where it hurts most: his dick ego dignity face. First and foremost, what do YOU treat me as? A hooker? A whore? You treat me nice just to get sex out of me? Why don't I buy you a blow up doll and you get a win-win situation? You get to have sex AND you need not pay for anything! She need no love, no presents, no affection, no care and best of all, everytime you have sex with her, it's free!! She won't have mood swings and she won't have menses, so you can fuck her 24/7/365! Whores do get menses sometimes you know. And you get to choose what size of titties you want! Oh my, it's so much better than getting a gf or a whore don't you think? If sex is all you want that is...

As for the paying...I CAN JOLLY PAY FOR WHATEVER DATES WE'RE ON. If you just admit that you're broke and all, I will pay myself. In fact, my boyfriend had only paid for the food and movies for the past 2 years+ we were together. Whenever I go shopping, I made it a point to pay for myself. I mean, the clothes and shoes and bags will be ON me, and not him. Why should he pay? As for food, sometimes I'll treat as well. If you just wana be "man" and pay for everything, DON'T COMPLAIN. It's not as if we won't pay if you ask nicely. @#$%

It's either this guy is sexually deprived or he had never been in a relationship with someone he loves. I mean, ya, my boyfriend pays for most of everything when we go out, but then in exchange for his love, respect and affection, I give it back. It's a two way traffic. And what about the number of times we females cook for you guys? All 27 years of my mom's married life, she has been cooking for 25 years. No joke. My father preferred my mom's cooking to outside food. What about that? So in exchange for all the food and support, my dad gives sex? This is ridiculous!!! He gave my mom the attention and love that she needs!


Love is not a business. Sometimes one party will give more than the other party, or sometimes only one is giving. But it's not an exchange for sex. If you treat your partner nice, shower her with gifts or whatever, just to have sex, you are a bastard, an animal. Heck, even a dog would be better than you. At least even when you're in a bad mood, the dog will console you. And in return, all the dog needs is a pat. Sheesh. I'm just so...appalled by what MCPYouKnowMe had written. Or had I read his message wrongly? Whatever.


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, understand this premise:

Men need sex more than women.
Women need attention more than men.

It is an exchange.

Here's another one:

Men give love because they want sex.
Women give sex because they want love.


Sounds bad that its an exchange right? Well, consider the alternative. If its not an exchange (a mutually beneficial arrangement), the only other thing it can be is :

A lopsided relationship where only one party benefits.

Horny Thinking Male

Byu said...

Hey hey... when one day you grow old and your willy goes limp... would you still think sex is more important than love?

Look here, women have needs too (so unbearably cliche. can i call that desire instead?), it's just that women are wired to be turned on differently whereas guys are easily aroused because they are such visual creature. Usually a little flash of flesh will make them go weak in the knee... ahem I mean groin.

I rememeber reading this somewhere that, "Love is not a transaction". You cannot talk business with love. That is why some of the most successful career guys are such a flop when it comes to their own love relationships.

Of course that is not to say one should stay in an abusive relationship where all that one party do is to take and take and the other party merely gives... I think more importantly, it's about flow. Love must come from the heart. Oh well, sometimes sensation from the groin tends to mix in and confuses as well, but ultimately I believe, it is love that will stand the test of time.

I can't tell you to go figure, cos i guess, one really need to experience to truly know? But then again, opportunity usually comes knocking at those with a healthy mindset.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a fallacy to think of sex separately from the entire physical and emotional makeup of people. They should be viewed holistically as human beings that have both emotional and biological needs and quirks. Men peak sexually at a younger age (i.e. the age of people that will read this blog) and women do so later, but it really all balances out eventually. You can't assume men need only sex or that women need only emotional security, it just doesn't work that way because they are not absolutes. People give love in varying degrees and at varying times, and sex is not separate from love but a part of it. If you separate the two, then you are no longer talking about a real relationship, and if it's not a real relationship then who really cares? It DOES become a transaction.