Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Day of Work

Last Friday was my last day at my company. It was a day full of mixed feelings for me. I was pretty happy that it's the last day I would have to drag myself out of bed at 810am and bathe and walk 15 - 20min to work. I can finally nua at home and sleep until afternoon (so I thought..more of it later)! I can finally use my whole day to catch up on TV programs and my games! But then, I'll miss my colleagues, the laughter, the jokes, the craps. Most importantly, I'll miss my monthly income. ARGH!! No more money to tahan my reading habit! (I just bought 7 books last Fri and t costs $107 only! So cheap!! ^_^). Anyway, early in the morning Auntie Lily shed some tears. She's the emotional one. I had made some small cards and gave them each a massage stick from Mini Toons. Of course I drew my trademark 'Furball' on each card. =]

Anyway, lunch we went to Por Kee Eating House at Tiong Bahru. Of course recommended by me. Thanks John and Cecilia, for asking us to eat out! I went there the last time and I found it nice, so I intro-ed to my manager and we reserved a place there! Keke!

They spelt my boss' name wrongly. -_-" We reserved a table for 12, but my boss couldn't make it so we had 11 people only. And we booked 1230pm, which means we left the office around 12pm. LONG LUNCH!! Yipee!!

As usual, the achar. It was so nice that I told Liwei to "steal" another plate. LoL. Shannen refilled the other one. Everyone said it was nice. Sweet and spicy. Not sour. But I still refused to try. =P

How can I not take a picture of this? LoL. I blame on my lousy 5.1mp camera. =]

Cecilia ordered a set, and this is the cold plate..more like hot plate. The middle is the champagne pork (which doesn't taste like what I had eaten the last time), leek with bao bei, jellyfish and duno what's the other 2 things. LoL. I just eat.

Auntie Lily served all these to me. Hmm..me getting fat le. But thanks! I know Auntie Lily very sayang me de. ;[

Piangs...this got me drooling even before they started to serve this dish..those in the middle are all shark's fin lor! Shod the mercury..who cares?

The waitress separated the shark's fin and distributed into each bowl. And underneath the shark's fin are the crab meat! They don't mix everything like what they do in hotels though. But it's delicious. Everyone said so. It was so nice I even finished up Shannen's share cause she didn't want to finish it. =] The white stuff are not eggs, they're actually crab meat.

Steamed fish!! I still think steam soon hock is nicer than this fish. They told me this is shi ban yu. Soon hock tastes nicer lah.

This is nice!!!!!!!! Brocolli (my fav veggie) with abalone (me like), pig's tendon (me like too), yu piao (my fav) and sea cucumber (BIG BIG ONE!! ME LIKE!!). So hor, I ate quite alot of this. Sorry I'm not those people who can describe the texture or whatever. To me, nice is nice. LoL. This is definitely nice.

Cereal prawns!! The prawns are fresh (dad says if prawns are not fresh the head will be black). I ate 2 prawns (courtesy of Auntie Lily again) and many prawn heads. Eileen scolded Beeling for giving me the head. LoL. That's Eileen's way of showing her care and concern. =) Cecilia said that it's ok for me to eat everything before I'm 30. Cause it's not good for my health. Cecilia also told me to eat lesser of seafood, cause of my condition. I'm allergic to seafood. =[

Roast chicken!! With a small plate of salt and pepper. Me like too! Haha! Actually I like most of the dishes served. I mean, it's Por Kee lehz. You think what. Cecilia and Xana mentioned that this restaurant has the taste of the kui toh of the past. I don't understand..but I do understand that what they serve here is nice.

We were so full that we decided not to eat the noodles and jump straight to the dessert. The noodles were tabao-ed and brought back. But THIS or ni (yam paste) is so damn nice! EVERYONE, and I do mean everyone at the table, were asking for seconds. It has ginko nuts and corn. An unusual mix (to have corn). But it isn't too sweet, and funnily, after eating the whole bowl, I didn't get the sick feeling when eating or ni from other places. It's really nice. And smooth. Oh well, can always go back to eat or ni. =]

Lunch over le! I drove back home to take my access card (which I left at home accidentally) and rushed back to the office. Oh yah, did I mention that I drove to work that day? LoL. We reached office at 3pm. Opps.

When we came back, Cecilia (my manager), gave me this as a farewell present. She told me that I might like it. Hmm..I was wondering what it was. Had it got to do with my studies in the future? A note book? An organiser?

Nopez. It's actually a 17" LCD digital photo frame!! I can now proudly display my photos to friends and relatives on this! I mean, now they no need to crowd over my pc to see the pics. They can scroll themselves!! THANKYOU!!!!! I've always wanted this ever since...like a long time ago!! OMG!! THANKYOU THANKYOU!!

It's picture time!! Me and my work mummy, Xana!! My pretty mummy, my team leader, my teacher. She's constantly covering my asshole for me and constantly clearing up my shits. Thank you for everything and sorry for the troubles caused!!

Auntie Lee, the one who always help me buy my lunch. The one when tio Toto or 4D, will definitely buy my favourite food. So kind of her!!

My auntie Lily. The emotional one. The kind one. She's very nice...really very nice. No temper. LoL. *Hugz* I was crying when I wrote her the note. I guess I'll miss her...

Beeling jie jie. Haha! No lah! Always call her Beeling nia. My "twin" man. Haha. We share crappy jokes everyday and I always try to disgust her by saying vulgarities and telling her disgusting things. She told me everytime she shits she thinks of me, cause I'm always telling her that I wana shit. =P

Liwei!! Although didn't work with her for long 9about a month), found her to be diligent and hardworking. Quite a nice girl. Those guai guai girls that I'll never be de..jiayou oh!!

The princess Shannen. And I'm the queen! Keke. My neighbour, my friend, my colleague. Someone who takes water with me everyday. Someone who takes in my 2nd hand smoke during lunch. Hmm..practically someone who I can bully. Hahahaha!! Now nobody bully liao, must take care of yourself le hor!! Don't cry!! Don't be sad!! Work hard and smart. Jiayou too!!

Eileen ah Eileen! LoL. She's pregnant!! Hmm..wonder if I'll get to see her daughter during the one month or when she give birth!! Another colleague whom I'll sayang. I'll help her find stuff on the internet and she'll share her tidbits with me de. =P And I still can't resist poking her Pooh Bear's nose. Kekekeke...

Another new colleague. She was supposed to take over me, but then Sharon left earlier, so Lisa took over Sharon. She likes green! Me like too!! LoL. she walks pretty fast for someone her height.. =X

Keke..our "store director", Tommy. This guy never fails to quarrel with me at every given chance. Our squabbles will bring laughter to the whole office. LoL. Crap lah both of us. He calls me cao kar, cause when I win money during gambling, I leave the table. Of course la! Me not greedy, win le must zhao.

I didn't manage to take pictures with Cecilia and John, maybe cause I was too busy clearing my table and moving Shannen's stuff over (and I still managed to leave something behind..dotz). And to post whatever things I have. And to send email. No prob. I still have one old pic I took with John. =]

When I was bidding Cecilia and John farewell, my tears welled up. If Cecilia was to talk to me more, I believe I'll just cry right then. Thank you for everything both of you had taught me. And sorry for every trouble I had caused. I will keep in mind whatever I had learnt here. Especially being nitty quitty. =] Thank you for your guidance!! Sigh..and that marks my last day at work....tata working life!!!

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