Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Operation Tomorrow

Tomorrow this time I should be at home, sleeping away my GA. My operation's tomorrow at 8:30am. Guess I have to sleep early tonight. Not that early though cause I'll be sleeping whole day tomorrow. I'm nervous. I'm afraid. But I know all will be ok and I'll be laughing at my fears and be glad that everything's over in a week's time.

Dear God, I pray for the operation to be successful. I pray that my teeth will not be shaky after the removal of the impacted teeth. I pray my tongue won't swell permanently. I pray I won't die from the GA. I pray everything to be well. Amitabha.

Update at 3:52pm: SGH just called me. I'm expected to register at 7:30am instead of 8:30am. And I asked how the GA is going to be administer. Guess what. I shouldn't have asked. I'll be having a drip and the GA will be injected into the drip. I lost control and cried hysterically just now. I'm THAT freaked out.


oOFooi said...

things will be alright. Hoping the best for you operation. :)

Xueyu said...

thanks very much for the concern