Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Bithday Singapore!! So Proud Of You!!

Happy birthday Singapore!! I am so proud of you..from a sleepy small island to what it is today!! You have came a long way. So proud so proud of you! Apparently so are the other 4411 people who had taken the poll at Yahoo! Sg.

Quite sad that 35% of the voters are so boh chup. What is disheartening is the fact that 7% of the people do not know today is National Day. Either it's on purpose, or they're not Singaporeans at all.

Had a little tiff with dad just now. Was watching the NDP on TV just now and dad kept making remarks saying that after watching Beijing Olympic opening, the NDP is just oh-so-boring. And when the MP (military police) came in to start their guns twirling, dad was like," Every year also like this, so boring lor! NDP every year also same, and nothing compared to the Olympic opening. So boring!! Every year the same thing; same opening, same gun twirling, same people, same show. SO BORING!" This is when I had it and started quarreling with him.

FYI, I'm proud to be a Singaporean. And even though those performers on stage are unhappy that they have to train every single weekend or something, I know when they're on stage, showing off their skills and everything, they will feel something inside them: pride. I regret not joining in the NDP years ago and every year without fail I ballot for the NDP. Sadly, I'd only been to NDP in 1998. That was my first and hopefully not my last.

When I was out with my poly mates yesterday, Ah Yeh proudly told us that 2 years ago, he was one of the twirlers for the gun. And the gun weighs 5KG! Imagine the effort they had to put in to make it look so effortless and pretty. And Alvin proudly said that 2 years ago, he was one of the guys in the '0' of the number 2006. And they were proud cause they were the last batch to have a display at National Stadium. I am so proud of Singapore and the people who had worked so hard to make the NDP so great!! They made so much effort, the least we could do is just appreciate their work. Just like if you make an effort to do something, the least people could do is to appreciate. I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!!


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