Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great News I Think..

I'm not thinking clearly. But Feng has agreed (finally) to give me one more chance. His reason is he wants to see me be strong again. I've been going crazy recently. Sorry to scare him. And my mom. And Sue. And those who cared enough to see me cry and hysterical.

I still think I'm not thinking clearly. It feels as though I'm forcing him to be back with me. But no matter what, I'll do all it takes to be the gf he wants. I can and will do it.

Homework time! Promised Chew to be online on Fri..sorry Chew! Was sleeping the whole day away cause was feeling weak and all. Today I shall do my accounts homework, tomorrow morning have to do IRHR homework. Else I can't catch up. Sorry jiemei...can't be your wife's jiemei tomorrow morning. I'm really facing extreme stress recently. Sorry sorry. Promise I'll help out during the wedding dinner k?!?! SORRY!!

Homework time....5 questions and 3 case studies to go..(for accounts only..shit).

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