Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slack? I Think Otherwise

This is my timetable. Because of my surname, I'm put in lecture group A and tutorial A1. So all my tutorial classes will be A1 and all my lecture group A. Heng Thomas surname starts with C!! We're in the same tutorial group and lecture!! But sadly we're in same lecture group with Shaynen and Huda. Wonder where the rest go..

Anyway, my mom saw my timetable and said that my timing very slack, might as well study part time. LoL. I told her although I study about 3hrs/day, I'm expected to put in more hours after school for projects and research and such. Furthermore I've tuition on Mon and Friday. Oh yah, my ex-colleague called me yesterday and wanted me to tutor her kid in maths. See..2 tuitions ok. Half of Friday will be spent on tuition lor. And Mon after class can slowly take num 5 to my student's house. Argh!! She failed her maths and English! But there's improvement in her English. ^^

Mon got lessons at 9am..wonder what time I've to leave house and wake up. Is damn early lor!! Think I'll just drink my milk and go school, cause I have a break from 11 - 12pm. Furthermore with my braces giving me probs, I can't really eat much things also. -_-"


I told Thomas that I'm going to motivate him to be on time for lessons and we will motivate each other to get D or HD. My school grading system doesn't have A or B. Theirs are as follow:
HD - High Distinction
D - Distinction
C - Credit
P - Pass
F - Fail

Only students who get HD can do honours deg. Sigh. Nvm..just work hard can le. As long as I know I had work hard, done my best, it's enough. At least I will be answerable to myself. ^_^

I go print my timetable lor!!!!

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