Sunday, September 28, 2008

1 Month 1 Week Later

Ever wondered the miracle of braces? I gotten my brackets on in Aug, Aug 21st to be exact. ($600 paid!) Back then my friends told me my teeth didn't looked that bad without braces. But with braces, it just showed how crooked it was. LoL. Ya just look at the 2 front teeth. I went to the dentist yesterday for my first follow up..and the difference is amazing in just a short 5 weeks..

TADAH!! In case you were wondering, my teeth didn't get whiter. It's just that the wires tying my brackets were removed and in place, rubber bands were put. Actually my teeth got a little straighter by end of 2nd week. Now, it's not obvious anymore that I've braces!! Yeah!!

But then, yesterday my dentist put 2 metal rings around two of my bottom 2nd last teeth and it hurts like hell. The metal rings were cutting my tongue and by end of yesterday, my tongue was bleeding. I couldn't eat, speak nor swallow. Things are better today. I managed to eat a bowl of porridge in 2 hours. The pain I'm going through to be pretty. I must be mad. Oh yah, from yesterday onwards, my monthly payment will only be $160!! Yeah!! I'm running low on my reserves liao. =P I'll be putting brackets on my lower teeth next got 1 month for me to eat whatever I can. Cause with braces, the teeth feels as if they're dropping off and has no strength. I can't chew on chicken bones nor bite off mushrooms. I've to chew slowly and cut everything into bite size. Is this why those people with braces actually slim down? LoL. OK gotta go get ready. I'm sending my nanny off on her last journey later...ciaoz!

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