Thursday, October 2, 2008

Am I In 3rd Dimension?

Today's so weird. I realised my hp was slow, which means I'm waking up 10min later than I should. Yet I could finish my breakfast (a glass of milk) and walk out of my house at 0742, which is according to my Starhub top time. When reaching the bus stop, I saw an empty 60, which I told myself I should take. I slowly walk and still could catch up to the bus. It was very empty all right, only 3 passengers at my stop. The next few bus stops also had very little people. What's wrong? Nobody working today?

NVM. MRT will have alot of people as I thought. Today it's empty lor!!! I guess the people boarding at Lavender must be in a puzzle cause there's too much space and they're used to squeezing on the bus. And I reached Tiong Bahru at 0833. Damn early lor. It took me less than the usual 50min today to reach school. Even had time to buy latte at Macs.

What's funny is usually there'll be a long line at Tiong Bahru plaza taxi stand. Today zilch. And usually there's this line of people waiting for a chartered bus. No queue today. Am I going to school on a wrong day or is everyone not working today? Weird. Anyway my lect here liao. Gotta go for class. I'm in the library..and same..NOBODY. Guess I'm in a 3rd dimension today........

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