Monday, October 20, 2008

Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

Today is my ACFI quiz. ACFI = accounting. Since I failed to prepare, I'm prepared to fail. Chew asked me how was it, and I told him I'm prepared to fail, just praying hard that I don't fail too badly.

Was unable to concentrate on the studying over the weekend. Something happened that I don't wish to mention it now. And ever since last Thursday, I've been vomitting whatever I eat. So much so that I didn't eat anything during my lunch break today. Yet when I got home after class, I was still able to vomit; my gastric juices that is. Been eating panadol everyday since Saturday. Think I'm under too much stress. I need to get away, need to take a break.

I'm like so....whatever. Headache now. Need to take my daily dosage of panadol. Hope I die from kidney failure right here right now. I'm seriously having doubts about my studying capabilities. Told Chew this morning that I feel like quitting my studies totally and go back to work force. I know I'm crazy..when I mentioned this to Erin this morning, she also say I'm crazy. That's 13K down the drain. I don't know..shall see how. No mood to carry on mood to do anything at the moment. I'm at the lowest point of my life right now. Nothing can be compared to this..not even when Leslie (my poly lecturer's hubby, who happened to be my manager) backstabbed me 2 years+ back. Nopez..this would have to be the lowest point of my life up till now. Everything's not going smoothly...

Let me die.....silently...quietly....without a sound...without worries.......can't take it anymore..........

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