Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Am A Murderer

I thought it would be a great idea to wake up the town council. I thought they would warn the keepers and life would be better. I thought they would do something else. I thought I had done a great thing since many people are complaining. I didn't know I would become a murderer. I didn't know that they are no longer around cause they were culled, and that the remaining ones were being saved.

Blur? Well, there were many cats at my block till I myself can't tahan. Friends who know me, knows that I love cats. I prefer cats to dogs. But then, the number of cats at my block were getting more and more, till I couldn't stand it myself. Especially when they mate outside my corridor at the wee hours and shit everywhere. They are not cute. The smell of their urine is so overpowering till I've to close my windows just so that I can't smell the stench. My dad told me many times to complain to town council, which I did. But they did no action. One day I took pictures of the cats. They were wearing collars and someone was feeding them.

My dad told me to complain to Stomp. Which I did. And the day the news was published on Stomp (believed it was removed le), I received email from them, requesting me to contact the cat welfare society. I didn't cause it was my dad's problem and I was just acting his orders. I was busy with school anyway. I ignored the email. I had told my dad to call, but his reply was," Cat welfare? They care for the welfare of the cats only. What about human?"

What I didn't know was, if I had called that day, I wouldn't be a murderer...indirectly that is. Less than 1 week after I sent the story to Stomp, the number of cats reduced by half (which still leaves about 5 - 6 cats). Town council had also put up a notice regarding feeding the cats. What I didn't know was that the missing cats were culled. I really don't know. Sorry kitties. I didn't know it was the Stomp article I wrote that brought your deaths. I'm really sorry. =[

I wouldn't have known if I hadn't called the cat welfare just now. I should have continued to ignore the email or get my dad to call. At least I wouldn't feel as guilty as I do now..neither would I feel that I'm partly responsible for their deaths. I screamed at dad just now, blaming him for making me a murderer. His reply was," You're not the one doing the killing. The whole block will thank you for it." How come I don't feel good hearing this? I feel guilty lah...and I cried. I really didn't know it would get so out of hand. I thought HDB or town council would warn the couple who were keeping the cats. I thought they would bring them to SPCA or something. I didn't know the cats would be culled like crows...I really don't I'm a murderer..can anyone reduce my guilt? =(


Anonymous said...

just for your information,all animals that are brought to spca will be put to sleep within a month.Don't you have any general knowledge at all?Gosh.

Xueyu said...

anonymouse: apparently u don't know much either. Cats brought to spca will be turned in to cat welfare. Only those sick and old ones will be put to sleep