Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christmas Came Early

YEAH!!!!!!! After thinking for so long, I've finally bought a mp3 player!! OK let me rephrase..someone sponsored me a mp3 player!! And not just ANY mp3 player...not ipod nano or shuffle or classic...but...

iPod touch!! Not iPhone lah...cause I don't really like iPhone leh. Anyway, it looks like an iPhone, works like an iPhone (except can't make calls) and is thinner than an iPhone. My first mp3 player (or whatever you wana call it)!!

Me is one happy girl. Thank you uncle!! My youngest uncle (dad's youngest bro) passed $650 to my cousin who was coming to SG, and called me to ensure I buy the 32G iTouch. THANK YOU!! He said that this is an incentive for me...for being back in school to study. ^_^ And all these while I thought he neglected me cause I'm the only Singaporean among my relatives....

LoL. He didn't lor!! $650 SGD is equals to roughly $1200++ ringgit lor!! Steady pom pi pi!! Anyway, went to buy it just now nia, so I can use on the way to school tomorrow! Yeah!! No more boring MRT rides!! I had downloaded those free applications from Apple website before I even bought the iPod lor!

Haha!! Bear with me is so happy!! Muahahhaha...slide to unlock...first time I'm so happy playing with a touch screen..cause it's mine!! ALL MINE!! *Muahahahaha*

I saw a leather pouch on the Apple website and when I was at the Apple store (Parkway), I requested for the same pouch. The lady who attended to me showed me the leather casing. She looked at me apologetically and told me they have only green and brown left. I was so happy lor!! I asked for the green immediately. Green my favourite color lor! Then she gave me a very weird look and said I'm the first lady to buy green. Dotz..I don't buy green then I buy pink ah? *Yucks* Oh yah..the apple sticker was pasted on by me..nothing else better to do. LoL.

See my applications!!! Now I'm still downloading applications lor..see got what nice applications to download. Alot of free ones on their website..but you've to download iTunes first. Cool man..but this doesn't mean I'll change my HP lappie for an iMac. I still love my HP. Did I mention that the iPod touch is so thin? It's only 8mm for God's sake!! *Salivating*

Up till now, I've uploaded about 200 songs le. Still got another 25G or so left. Waiting for sugar daddy to pass me his songs. I see my list mostly Chinese one..quite boring. I want English songs and I only have 100+ nia. Sigh. Nvm lah..can last me to school and back can liao. =P

OK me gotta hurry go download somemore apps and go sleep le. Class tml..and meeting Feng to watch movie. Yeah!! *Hugz uncle Nam* Thank you once again for the iPod Touch!!!!!! Thank you!!

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