Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pretty Stressed

It's funny why I'm feeling stressed, especially when my mom says I don't really study at all. I've no idea as well. I guess..it's because for the next few weeks (including this week), I'll be having my quizzes. And tomorrow's Econ quiz, which is worth 30%, means alot to me..especially when I'm easily confused. Not forgetting I've accounts quiz next week, followed by Stats presentation the week after, and econs essay the week after, followed by IRHR essay in first week of Nov.

Argh. I guess I'm putting rather lot of stress on myself, especially after realising that I've gotten 2/10 for my stupid IRHR essay. Yesterday Feng came over, and I cried. I guess the pressure's been building up inside me for quite some time. I don't like not knowing what I'm studying. And I can seriously say I don't know alot of things about business. And I hate the calculations. This was the main reason why I chose IT and engineering back in poly.

Feng told me that I need not score a distinction in tomorrow's quiz (I still got 3 fucking long chapters to finish by tonight) and that I should just do my best. If this was poly, which every sememster I just pay $1K, I won't care so much. But it's my last shot at studies. And it's costing me $13K per year, which is about $4K/trimester. It's not a small sum and furthermore..I need to prove to my parents that this is the road I chose and I will do well...apparently passing is not well to them. They're expecting me to get better marks...and my dad's hoping I'll get HD and do my honours...it's killing me....I desperately need to wind down...December hurry come!!

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