Monday, November 10, 2008

I Passed My Accounts Quiz!!

Remember in my previous post about failing to pass cause I failed to prepare? Ahh!! I passed!! I gotten a 33 marks!! Yeah!!!!!!! Which means I've 13.2% out of 20%!! Yeah...I passed my accounts I passed my accounts!! *Jumps about gleefully*

Oh man...God must really had pitied me that I was unable to study my accounts and unable to concentrate during the quiz that He helped me pass!! By THREE FUCKING MARKS!! LoL. So adding up my quiz, 13.2% + my assignment 1, 4%, I've a total of 17.2% out of 27%!! Lalala...although I'm still hurting but this news certainly brought smiles to my face. LoL. Better not tell Chew, cause he'll definitely score better than me and complain that he scored too little. @#$%

Nevertheless, I really NEVER studied!! And I passed!! Yeah!!!!!

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