Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Went To Suan Ming

Told Jacky I wanted to suan ming cause I'm kinda lost recently. He agreed to bring me to one today. So after class, I was waiting outside school for him to pick me up. He brought me to a temple at Jalan Senang. When I first got in, I saw the four faced Buddha, which made me very uneasy. I don't know why but 4 faced Buddha always makes me feel uneasy. Anyway, waited for the shi fu (a monk) to finish with helping someone change his life. Got alot of "zheng" that the shi fu bai, so he could help that man to change for a better life.

We waited for about 30 - 45min I guess. Cause there were quite a number of people waiting for his blessings. There's a group that even brought their laptops. Guess they're starting a business together or something. Finally it's our turn. Shi fu asked Jacky what I wana ask. I told him I want to know about ying yuan and anything else that he could tell me.

I gave him my birthday (not Chinese birthday) and he calculated out my chinese one. He could have just asked me and I could give him lor. -_-" Anyway, he asked if I'm a dog. I was like ya..and he started shaking head. I was like shit....not good. Then he started saying that this year, I everything also not shun. Love life, family life..everything. He says that family will quarrel, friends not good (think he meant not close) and love life also not good (that explains the breakup. Sheesh). He said that last year I'm quite OK but this year no good.

Quite zhun if you ask me. Cause last year I'd a $300 pay increment in July, had a 2 months bonus in Feb, and a 1 month bonus (AWS) in Dec. Boss and manager liked me, love life was great. I loved my job and everything last year. But then this year...piangz, starting of this year everytime kena scolded by boss, reprimended by manager, quarreled with Feng and my parents, bonus this year was only 1.5 months, no AWS since I quitted, hated going to work, alot of illness (been to hospital so many times this year till I lost count) and things just don't seem to be going the way I want. Everything Feng did I also not happy. Things between me and Feng started going downhill (wayyy downhill, a steep one in fact) since this year. Damn zhun lah.

He, the shi fu, told me that I should be patient. Next year, after my Chinese birthday, I'll have 3 years of good luck. Want what get what. LoL. He was damn cute when he said that. He said and I quote," Next year, very good. Want what get what. Very good. Want bf get bf. Want money get money. Want to change job also got job." I told him I'm studying and he say no worries, whatever I want I can get. He also said that I'd missed my guy last year (abit tally with bai yi niang niang from Msia)..but no worries, still got another guy next year, after my birthday (Chinese one is actually 2 days after my English birthday...damn), and he's very good. Wana get married to him also no problem. My 27th, 28th and 29th will be great years. Told me to wait 3 months from now. But then just now see the calendar, I've to wait 4 months lor. -_-"

I'm not being superstitious, but then it kinds of give me comfort. Or at least something to blame on for everything that sucked this year. =P Jacky took the chance to ask the shi fu if I can do my own business and what kind I'm more suitable for. Shi fu checked his book, and looked at me and said," You do what also can. No problem. Very good with everything." LoL. Then Jacky asked if we can be partners (IN WORK LAH!! E009 friends don't think otherwise thank you!) and shi fu said we can, cause I any business also can. LoL. Told Jacky to find me after my birthday cause I very sway this year. Kekeke. This shi fu is not those that just wana earn money. Cause he's a monk. Whatever ang pao you give him he also accept. Shui yi. I gave $20. What's $20 when it helped to clear my mind abit? Kekeke.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm someone that needs to have something to look forward to. I'm glad that I'll have a better life than present after March. Can't wait for March to be over!! Keke!! Anyone wana intro guys to me then? Oh yah..I asked shi fu if I should carry on waiting for Feng, he told me this one no good. Wait patiently. Next year, the guy might be a new one, might be the last one (Feng maybe? Can't be Kevin lah..we can't stand each other now). Just wait patiently and everything will fall in place next year. OK!! Shall concentrate on my studies. For now. Exams in 2 weeks time. Shit. Sat go KTV le then say. =)

Me is one happy girl today. Feeling so much better le.......thanks Jacky!! *Hugs*


Aaron Peng said...

Haha.. that's good news..

Stay happy girl :)

Anonymous said...

hi, may i know which temple it is and where in jalan senang exactly? thanks:)