Monday, December 22, 2008

What Braces Can Do In 10 Hours

This is how I look like last month after my dentist made me ugly by filing the width of my two front teeth. Not's filing. As in she took a mini file and started to file my teeth. Anyway..the gap was pretty obvious. And I thought after 2 weeks it would close. I was so wrong.

After one looked like this. OK, the gap is smaller. But then there's still a gap. This pic is taken around 11am, after I came back from my monthly checkup + tightening of the brackets. Dr Ho actually changed my rubber band (or she just twisted it around the brackets) for my other teeth. Then she told me my top left tooth (hidden behind other teeth) is very stubborn, so she's gonna tighten it quite a bit to drag it out. She told me," 上个月对你很仁慈,今天不可以了,要把牙齿拉出来。" Meaning, she was very kind to me last month by not tightening alot to drag my tooth out, so this month she has to tighten it more than usual. AND IT HURTS. And she told me she's gonna close the gap of my two front teeth, so instead of using rubber bands, she used the e-ring module (a special kind of stretchable rubber band with many rings..majiam like the rubber 6 rings thingy holding our canned drinks) and tied it around my 4 front's transparent..and it hurt alot.

Usually after my montly visit, I only need to eat the painkillers at night cause it starts to hurt only at night. But today, it started to hurt around 12pm liao. I ate the painkiller before going out to meet Aaron and thought it would be ok. But during the bus ride to teeth were hurting so bad I almost wanted to take my last pain killer. But I rather save it for tomorrow, just in case it hurts more. Today the teeth hurt real bad and was giving me a little speech problem. I couldn't bite my words clearly cause my teeth hurts. I couldn't eat. It sucks lor. And I reached home around 9pm. As usual, I'll show her my teeth and she made a comment that shocked me. She said the gap closed le. I was like huh?

This is what it looked like at 9pm. Within a short 10hours, my gap had closed. Usually it would take about 1 - 2 weeks to close the gap..and it took only 10hours, so you can guess how tight the modules are and how much pain I am in. Shit. Xmas celebration coming..don't know how to eat liao. Shit...and tomorrow..I'm gonna have porridge...cause can't chew, can only swallow. Even eating the log cake just now hurts my front teeth (not's damn pain). I'm going to eat panadol feels as though my front teeth are very heavy and are on the verge of dropping out. DAMN!! The price I've to pay...sianz! Panadol..HELP!!

PS: Bernard says drinking ice water would help to numb the pain and I would feel better. And it works!!
PPS: People who are deciding to get braces should visit this webby I found. Click here

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Aaron Peng said...

Maybe i'll just get lasik instead of braces after all :)