Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Rashes

I couldn't sleep last night, and since Flo was online, I told her that I wasn't going school today. My rashes just gotten worse. I swear I couldn't sleep last night. I was trying to get myself calm down (both arms itching like hell, face also) and get to sleep, and was unsuccessful until 3+am. And I remembered waking up every now and then when I felt myself scratching my arms. Shit.

Went to doctor today. Her reaction when she saw the wounds were shocking. She asked me why I never go see specialist, which I explained to her that I am still visiting the skin specialist, it's just that my skin has periods. Some days they are very good, nothing at all..whereas days like these few days, they keep coming and spreading. And the get an appointment you've to wait like a couple of weeks. Which by then maybe the skin isn't that bad anymore..sigh. Anyway Dina (family doctor) told me not to eat anything high in protein these few well as no seafood. Told me to stay out of the sun as well. Think I'm turning zombie liao.

But then recently really very bad. I don't get it. I stopped smoking a few days ago (again) and since ciggies makes matter worse, how come I tend to feel worse since I stopped? I'm itching at my arms, my hands, my calfs and behind my knees. Dina said that with my skin condition, I shouldn't be keeping pets with fur. Shit. She suggested that I find a new owner for Cinnamon! NO WAY!! I rather suffer a few more years lor! This better not let my mom know, else she's gonna nag and nag and nag. Buey tahan.

I had just booked an appointment with my specialist again (yearly visit). Now waiting for them to call me and confirm the best available date. I'm still wondering why recently my skin gotten so bad? Under stress? Not there yet leh..something I ate? I didn't eat seafood..Cinnamon? I had her for 4years+ liao reason to feel bad now only right? Somemore I don't carry her and everytime I touched her, I wash my hands. Change in soap? No leh, I'm still using Eucerin for sensitive skin leh. Now still though many ants are crawling on my arms and hands...shit. But cannot scratch. I already scratched too much till there's wounds liao..... =X

Sigh. Think I hurry go finish writing my essay then go sleep. I'm so...freaking tired. Gonna take my antihistamine and go sleep. Shitz.......I feel...itchy.....

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