Thursday, January 28, 2010

Results Are OK!! =)

I am just so happy with my latest results!! 2 passes and 2 distinctions!! Yippee!! First time I get 2 distinction!! Mom said her heart almost dropped out cause during the study week, I only studied for Econs (which I got a pass only), and the rest of the time I was playing FB all the way!! Actually, I was playing iwin games too lah. Hahahahah!!! Mummy and daddy said if I didn't play fb, I might have gotten 4Ds. Hahah!! I blamed daddy for not praying harder. Daddy said he did, that's why I got 2D. -_-"

Anyway, I guess my results are improving, now that the modules are something I'm strong in. Writing and thinking. Don't dare to say logical thinking, cause I'm not logical sometimes. OKOK!! MOST OF THE TIME!! Grrr... =P
A view on my past results...

Tri 3 2008
3P 1C (3 pass, 1 credit)

Tri 1 2009
2P 2C (2 pass, 2 credit)

Tri 2 2009
1P, 2C, 1D (1 pass, 2 credit, 1 distinction)

Tri 3 2009
2P, 2D (2 pass, 2 distinction)

Weirdly enough, the 3 modules that I'd gotten D are Marketing, Business Strategy and Advertisement & Promotion. =) I ish a happy girl!! 7 more months to graduation!! GAMBATTE!!

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