Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Civic's Current Condition

Remembered the previous entry about how my civic got into an accident? Well, went to the workshop last Saturday to get my jacket and shoes (which I left in the car). The civic is so ugly now!!

They had changed a new mouth and backside for the car. Apparently the black parts are new parts, and the old parts had been sawed/hacked away/removed. Dad couldn't recognise the car but I could. LoL.

Apparently Kah Motors, the authorised dealer for Honda, the place where dad bought the civic, didn't want to release the lock to the workshop. And because of that, civic will have to be "hospitalised" for another few more days because the boot can't be closed. -_-" Oh look! A new car plate is inside the boot. Lights also fixed le! Keke.

If you actually look carefully, the hood is actually a new one as well. Practically almost everything is new. Tsk tsk. Heng never scrape, else hor...*cries* Once Kah Motors releases the lock to the workshop, they can fix the boot and repaint the whole car. All courtesy of the taxi uncle. ^_^

Really can't wait to drive the civic again. After a few days of driving Altis, found it too high and maybe because it's a rental car, everyone had loot the car before, so the accelerator abit loose. Sigh. Hope Kah Motors hurry release the lock!!

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